General All-Purpose Doctor Who Thread

It may have only run mere hours ago. All I’m seeing is a BBC One short video “glitch” which apparently aired today “confirming” something next Saturday. It has garbled video with a doctor who logo and then some binary numbers that converts to ASCII text:

Saturday 23 September
BBC One 6:10PM

The date/time converts to: September 23, 2023 5:10 PM Coordinated Universal Time

Edit: The next program starts at 6:15PM UK time, so probably just a teaser/trailer.

Edit: Here’s a copy on Twitter:

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Shoot. This just reminded me that I am 1.5 seasons behind and need to get caught up before Tennant’s specials.

Because the housemate is a Ten Girl and she will not countenance a delay in watching those!

“You’re not keeping the horse!”
“I let you keep Mickey!”

(Can you tell which episode I’m watching? :smiley: )


One of my absolute favorite moments. And a great episode!

I really need to watch more of this show. I was watching with a friend who has HBO max where it’s streaming and we got through the first few episodes of season 4. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten to hang out in a few months. I also happened to get the first 4 seasons on DVD, so now I have to decide whether to watch the rest myself or wait for her.


Doctor Who is a great reason to hang out with a friend. I have a Who partner and we always watch together, and sometimes we’ve gotten way behind (but also it was the Chibnall era so we were pretty okay with missing out). Fortunately I now live a couple of blocks away from her, instead of a 90-minute journey, so when the show returns we’re going to be on it unless one of us is traveling.

But back to your situation: I’d ask your friend what she thinks. Maybe you both want to independently watch all the David Tennant episodes and then meet up to watch the new ones together and with the rest of the world.

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If you’re in the US, I’m no sure where to watch Doctor Who streaming now. New seasons will be on Disney +, not sure where old stuff is these days.

That’s a good idea, thanks! She’s my best friend and also the person who first introduced me to Doctor Who, so it would feels a little strange to watch it on my own, but at the same time she’s not the only fan now anymore. I’ll talk to her about it.

I was very excited when I first found out it will be on Disney+; that’s a streaming service I actually have access to, which is another reason I was hoping to catch up over the summer. Will the old seasons be available there too, or just new ones?

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I’m not sure what D+ will have access to,if it’s the entire catalogue or just the new stuff coming out this fall and next year.


I just discovered (via Pinterest) an amazing easter egg on Google Maps where you can actually walk around the inside of the Tardis on Earl’s Court. Any of y’all heard of this??


Can’t you use Britbox for the older stuff?

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Honestly I don’t know. I have a lot of the pre-2005 stories and most of the post-2005 series on DVD so I never bothered looking for a streamer.

There is nothing in D+ right now for Doctor Who, so I’m going on the assumption someone still has the streaming rights to the past stuff. whether that’s still HBO Max or whatever they are called this month, or BritBox, or someone else, I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if D+ will gain access to the back catalogue once whatever streaming contract still in play expires. No one is really talking.

This just affects fans outside of the UK. If you are in the UK everything is still available through the BBC streamer and the new series will still air on BBC One.

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I did know about it. I did it a long time ago.

I’ve finally decided to watch the 6 Jodie Whittaker episodes I haven’t yet seen (season 13 1-6), to be caught up for the 60th anniversary starting in November.

At least as of now: All of the “new Who” seasons are on the “max” streaming service. For Classic, all extant, complete stories appear to be on Britbox (I’m not a customer), visible if you enter “Doctor Who” in its search field. I wouldn’t be surprised if some or all disappear and/or move to Disney+ by November.

Lastly, there’s Pluto TV’s “Doctor Who Classic” “channel”. Free to watch live with commercials whatever they are currently showing (in order, it seems).


I just watched The Christmas Invasion for the third time; it has to be one of my favorites. It’s so full of amazing quotes.
“Did you miss me?” Yes, yes I did.
“…Oh wait, that’s the Lion King”
“Witchcraft” “Timelord.”
“This is my fighting hand!”
“You’re right, not one word, six. Just six.”
Even after seeing most of Ten’s episodes, his introduction makes me smile so much. :smiley:


“Oh, he hasn’t changed that much, has he.”


The Girl in the Fireplace is an amazing episode, definitely one of my favorites. I forgot how sad it is though. It’s one of the first episodes I was told about back before my Doctor Who-obsessed friend knew I’d be watching it. It was fun to see the episode all of these came from:
“What do monsters have nightmares about?” “Me!”
“What’s a horse doing on a spaceship?” “Mickey, what’s 18th century France doing on a spaceship? Get a little perspective!”
“Always bring a banana to a party.”


That is a sad one. I’d seen clips of it and never realized the sadness of it.

I think it would have been really neat to have someone from the more distant past as a companion. One thing about New Who is that there isn’t much variety in the companions. The parts I’ve seen of the original, there are aliens (who look a whole lot like humans), K-9, even a human-like robot and the number of companions seems to have fluctuated quite a bit more than in New Who.

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Have you heard the theme song for Ncuti’s Doctor? Oh, it’s amazing.

Note, this is the character’s theme music, not the title music for the series.

THIS is the new theme song. Glorious.

So glad Murray Gold is back.


I still have to get around to writing about that, but in the meantime