General All-Purpose Star Wars Thread

Why can’t they just make Star Wars movies? I like Star Wars movies and they don’t make them any more. I know it’s only been four years this time around, but they’ve made approximately eleventy-squebin TV shows in that time. Couldn’t they have made just one movie?

Sorry, I’ll be in the gripe thread.

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Their track record ain’t great?

You don’t have to watch anything. If Ashoka isn’t doing it for you, go watch something else. But if you want to keep watching Star Wars, you have to accept that fan service is their business model now. The only good Star Wars stories they’ve managed to tell in the past decade are Rogue One, Andor*, Clone Wars, and Rebels.

*kinda marginal, tbh

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The animated Clone Wars and Rebels series were also Filoni’s, so Ahsoka is really just continuing both of those stories where they left off. And the fact that Ahsoka is bringing back Thrawn (and from where) is a strong indication where this era of Star Wars is going if you’re at all familiar with the pre-Disney canon.

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In the interest of keeping this brief and mostly non-ranty, just the bullet points:

  1. The Ahsoka series could have easily been written to be more welcoming of new fans to these characters. (Yes, they have a past, but a new story should give them a present, too.)
  2. Ten years after the Clone Wars and Rebels series ended, after a huge galactic war is fought and won in that interim (see original movie trilogy), is not a “continuation”. Every story-worthy character and situation should have changed drastically. See point one.
  3. Naming a new character after children of whole iconic families you have murdered, salted and burned doesn’t really reach the level of “honoring them” in my book.

Edit: But to end on a positive note, I am a fan of the earlier animated series, and am hopeful this one will have a momentous finale and even better future seasons.

Someone on Mastadon pointed out this possibly meta exchange from the recent episode:

Ahsoka: We'll just see where it goes.
Huyang: It could go anywhere!
Ahsoka: I know. That's better than going nowhere.

Point 1 is exactly what I’ve been saying.

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That’s how I feel about Andor.


Except with Andor we already know how the story ends.

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On a tangent, I’m interested in seeing how The Acolyte plays out, given that it’s supposed to be set during the time of the High Republic, hundreds of years in the past. Though if a de-aged Ian McDermott shows up as the apprentice of Darth Plagueis I will be sorely disappointed. It’s the perfect setup for a clean break with the current series set in the New Republic era.


I’m not sure about that. I’d say a solid 8 out of 11 were hits and 3 were misses (maybe a touch harsh on Solo, but it was fairly forgettable).

And I think that if the first raft of movies had not been a success, we would be very unlikely to be in a position to get this new generation of TV spin-offs.

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I rise in defense of Solo, which I think is a fun pew pew space movie in spite of the fan service bits. And I’d venture that there are fewer of those bits than in Ahsoka or Boba Fett. Also Chewie in goggles that he actually uses.


There have been four good Star Wars movies, plus one that was good only as a slapback to the previous one.

I have often said that Solo didn’t need to be made, but it was a fun movie.


Honestly, if it wasn’t carrying Star Wars baggage, it would be a great sci-fi heist film.


So Admiral Blueford is supposed to be some sort of master strategist? And all of these loose ends he’s actually introducing are, I suppose, exactly what he’s planned? Cmon Dave, give me a break.

I have mixed feelings about this most recent episode of Ahsoka. I am very determined to think highly of the show, so I’m not inclined to complain.

I absolutely love what we saw of Ezra. I don’t know how to feel about Thrawn yet. I loved him in the canon Thrawn books, but I haven’t seen enough of him to make a decision in Ahsoka yet. I need to know his character motivation, but for now there’s no way of knowing what’s going through his head. I’m also really hoping they don’t make the “dark magic” be an important part of the show. I’m so sick of movies in general using magic for everything, even in sci-fi. This is Star Wars, you have the force, which has a semi-scientific explanation. Don’t turn this all magic, please.

I am still optimistic. I love the show, I just need more experience with what was introduced in this episode before I can be super enthusiastic about it.

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My Childhood, RUINED! :man_facepalming:


Guys I hate to break it to you, but the whole Star Wars universe is based on magic space wizards with laser swords.


“I’m picturing this as the final scene. Kenny, you hop into that R2 suit and jump into the driver’s seat. Anthony, you get into the passenger seat. When you hear ‘Action!’ drive towards the cliff edge as fast as you can screaming all the way…”

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