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May 25th, 1977…


Someone linked me to a fan-made 4K restoration of a 1977 print of Star Wars and I have seen Kind Hearts and Coronets recently, so every time Obi Wan has a line, I picture it being said by Lady Agatha and giggle.

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Anyone else check out Acolyte yet?

After watching the first two episodes, I think it’s good? (with some nits to pick yes but good)

I may not be the best judge, of course, because I’ve actually liked/enjoyed all the SW series so far… (Yes, even Kenobi)

What I’m enjoying the most about this story so far is that there are real stakes for the main characters. We don’t already know that they live and are in a movie that takes place later. (Now, I haven’t watched all the animated shows, nor have I read all the new novels that are canon after they pushed all the old novels aside into legends, so if there is a known future for these characters, don’t spoil this for me…)

Even Andor, for how amazing a series it is, with great writing and acting, I keep getting pulled out of it because we already know that the main character lives. There will be times where they’re really trying to build up drama, “OMG he could die here”… no… If the life/death stakes focused more on people he was supposed to save/get information from that we don’t know are alive in the future, then there’d be real stakes?

But, I digress.

I’m enjoying watching a new story, new characters, who’s future isn’t already written. (as far as I know at least)

I am disappointed that they killed off Carrie-Anne Moss so early/fast…

And, I’m wondering just how out to lunch the Jedi Order had been and for how long… Early in episode one, Sol is working with his students asking them to tell him what they see when they’re opening themselves up to the force. We hear a few obvious answers, then the last student we hear from starts talking about an all consuming fire… I’m 99% certain that he’s describing the fall of the Jedi Temple at the hands of Vader… Is he seeing his future or just the future that happens in that room? Is that a young Windu? 100 years ago? Did we ever learn his age in the prequels? Sol just… rolls with it like it’s the most normal thing for a kid to have said???

I’ve read that people who have seen ep 3 and 4 are saying that there will be some kind of change in SW canon in those episodes, and everyone will hate it? I can’t think of anything in SW canon from 100 years ago that I care that much about? Maybe something to do with Yoda?

Anyone else watching? Anyone else liking it so far?

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Sorry, I am totally burnt out with Star Wars at this point. Even if it’s really good, maybe I’ll watch it eventually, but I can’t keep watching these new shows three or four times a year. It’s too much to keep up with.

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I haven’t watched it yet. At this point I wait until it’s done and then watch over a couple of days.

I’m watching, and intrigued so far. I’m also viewing this point of time as the beginning of the decline of the Jedi, rather like the decline of the Roman Empire. The rot has already set in, it’s just now becoming visible.

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Nod, the only reason I’m watching it right away is because I added D+ for Doctor Who… Otherwise it’d have been added to the “binge later” list…

Nod, yeah, this is the first time I can remember that they’ve started a new show/season while I already had D+ active, so just rolled into it. If not for Doctor Who, would have waited…

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I watched ep1&2, seems pretty ok except for the part where there are even more frickin space wizards everywhere.

I think I’ve figured out who the big bad is — Fandar. Why?

He’s a Sith Yord.

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Show’s trailer impression: “Starring Carrie-Anne Moss!”
First 5 minutes: … or not.
Rotten Tomatoes (RT) graphic in show’s YouTube ad: “Certified Fresh!”
RT article headline: “Packed with stunning action!”
RT audience score: RTAudienceAcolyte

So far it’s kind of like watching Charlie Chan movies to learn more about Chinese peoples’ culture. (The analogy being: watching this to learn more about what Star Wars is.)

… Oh, it was a nice surprise to discover who’s playing Jecki. (It’s Dafne Keen, who played Lyra in the HBO series His Dark Materials.)

Not the easiest thing to check out right now; it’s located in Ukraine.

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So, after watching ep 3, wondering if the young padawan was seeing Sol’s past… And, that’s why he yada yada yadaed right with it… :thinking:

Or, I’m just overthinking that scene completely and it means nothing.

More thoughts on ep 3 after work day is over.

Well, while we now know what Osha saw that fateful day, we clearly don’t yet know the entire story. I’d expect more flashbacks in future episodes from the viewpoints of at least Mae and Sol. Also unexplained remains Osha’s seeming lack of Force powers in the present day; mental block, or something more sinister done by the Jedi when she left the Order (and why wasn’t it later done to Ahsoka, then?).

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There’s a character called Osha?

Do they make sure the Jedi are compliant with workforce regulations?


Considering that Osha is a meknek, performing illegal, unlicensed work on the exteriors of starships in space, I would say, “No.”


Someone needs to contact Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Douglas L. Parker.

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Ironically, just the opposite, actually?

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