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I watched the first episode of The Acolyte last night. Okay, let’s see where this goes.

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The Acolyte update, four episodes in (no spoilers):

The main problem I see with the series is the same as with Ahsoka: It’s like maybe they wrote a good season’s worth of story, then were told to stretch it to two. …Which, I expect, is a problem caused by studio suits and not the cast or crew (or even showrunner?).

Next, I just read an interview in a Den of Geek rag (physical mag) that made a lot of sense. Leslye Headland, the showrunner, is apparently a huge Star Wars lore fan, proud even to slip in a name reference from Knights of the Old Republic (!!, which apparently is no longer canon, grumble). But she says plainly that Mae is the protagonist, and it’s a Sith series. (Doesn’t even mention Osha). …To which I say: Wow! Someone hacked and slashed this story into such a horrible state that it isn’t making this clear at all. (See first point, above.)

People-wise: Showrunner Headland, fyi, co-created the series Russian Doll, starring Natasha Lyonne (which was quite good). And, yes, Mae’s helper Qimir is played by Manny Jacinto, who you may recognize as Jason Mendoza from The Good Place.

Anyway, … Finally: IMO, a big, other problem is not with the show, but the online dim bulb yappers that plague more than just this series with review bomb campaigns. Apparently it’s considered politics on this board to mention them by their chosen descriptor or what their main gripes are against (hint: it’s societal issues), so I’ll just leave it at that. It’s largely why the review scores on sites are in the teens (out of 100) instead of some more mediocre number.

The dialogue in this thing is stilted even by Star Wars standards.

I’m mainly disappointed to hear that Star Wars fans are dubbing this guy “Darth Teeth.”

Darth Grimace

C’mon people, “Darth Grimace” is RIGHT THERE, and exactly what Lucas would’ve named the guy if he had gotten hold of the script.

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It can’t be worse than Leia and Luke’s conversation when he tells her he’s her brother in Return of the Jedi.

McDonald’s lawyers warming up their speeder bikes.


Happy Meal toy tie-in; it’s all copacetic.

Darth Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!






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Ep 5 of Acolyte …


Like I said earlier… real stakes… no one in this show is made of rubber, and ho-boy did they just prove that in this episode.

And, yeah, I’m going to miss them… ok one of them. But, I’m glad to see the writers take risks and not make all the characters, even well liked ones, indestructible?

This episode features what may be one of the best live action lightsaber battles we’ve ever seen. From start to finish, the choreography was great. Some of the shots, where there’s trees between the viewer (us) and the deaths of multiple Jedi happening… felt like a "we’ve already blown the budget, where can we get away without showing the lightsabers and the lightsabers slicing people up?" moment or three?

And, it was fun when the person sitting to my right on the couch said “You were right! He is her master!”

Now, I had to watch this episode twice before I caught something that may or may not be important to the story/series going forward.

During the fight, I didn’t catch that the lightsabers were shorting out after hitting Darth Teeth’s armor. It was happening so fast, I thought that he’d managed to damage them with his lightsaber? On 2nd watch, no they were shorting out after hitting his armor. This would point to something we’ve never seen in live action SW before. Cortosis armor. (Yes, I had to look this up, didn’t really read all the Old Republic books so this wasn’t something I remembered) Originally something mentioned in the Old Republic (EU/Legends) books, then maybe once in one of the new books(???) Cortosis, like Baskar can block the energy of a lightsaber, but, unlike Baskar, it can short out/disable a lightsaber just like we saw in Ep5. It isn’t strong enough to do this for long, as we saw where his armor failed towards the end of the fight.

Not sure if we’ll get more info about that going forward or not? Will we find out how Darth Teeth aka Qimir got the armor? Is he a Knight of Ren? He said “You may refer to me as a Sith” but, is he?

And, at the end, yikes. Darth Teeth knows who’s who, but does Sol? Didn’t seem like it. Amazing what a haircut can do?

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Considering Sol hadn’t seen Osha in something like six (?) years much less Mae, I’ll give him some benefit of doubt. Though you’d think the smell of burnt hair would at least bear questioning.

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Finished watching The Acolyte I think. Pretty sure. Two or three episodes were exactly like other episodes, so maybe not? There aren’t any more, so I guess yes, I’ve watched it.