Getting all episodes on one page

Is there any way to get the episodes from Kickstarter #1 on the same menu page as those from this Kickstarter? Or is that gonna be a Gizmoplex thing?


I want this as well. If VHX can’t do it this way, hopefully the Plex can.

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@ivan just answered this in another thread. Yes the Gizmoplex will have the episodes consolidated to one area:


That’s such a simple but powerful quality of life improvement over VHX. I have episodes in 5 different buckets now. Not only can I not remember which chunk of episodes has what name, but I can’t remember what episode belongs to what collection, so I usually have to check them all until I find it.

Having them in one list is vastly better - they come in an order and you can just look over all of them until you land on your episode du jore.


There gotta be a member here who can write a webpage links scraper and combiner to make a single special page we’s all can have special on our own computers until the giz catches up.