Giant Gila Monster found

Arizona woman found a giant gila monster in her laundry room. No mention if it went “Na Na Na Na Na” over her lack of sodium.


The Giant Gila Monster should be more afraid of nitroglycerine, I think.


I dunno. Both explode. In one episode we learn about sodium. I don’t watch this one much because they joke about a girl who had polio.

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I don’t remember jokes at the girl’s expense.


We learn he didn’t get his car fixed because her braces needed a down payment. He mentions the doctor says she’ll be walking soon.
This should make it obvious that it wasn’t for her teeth. These were used for polio patients. Walking and standing up are going to be a challenge.
He gets home to see her trying to walk.
Some not so funny comments follow.

Hopefully she didn’t drink its urine…