Giant Gila Monster Subtitles out of sync

For the classic episode, the subtitles lag the dialog by 5-10 seconds in both the Roku app and the android app (also in Gizmoplex, Chromium on Ubuntu). I remembered it is also a vault pick this month and those subtitles are fine.

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For @ivan and/or a minion: looks like it’s 5 seconds behind at the beginning, and 9 seconds behind at the end. Assuming that it’s another steady drag/drift, you can go to my draggy drifty fixy uppy thingie, select Giant Gila Monster, put -5 as the start offset and -9 as the ending offset, and get a new file. (I checked in three equidistant places and it seems right.)

Typical caveat applies: make sure you don’t have different runtimes for different quality files. Fun fact: the version I have on my computer (not streaming; so that would have come from a DVD rip) begins with the “turn down your lights” screen, but the streaming version does not, so that’ s a few seconds difference right there, and could also point to the cause of these timestamp discrepancies.


For anyone watching this issue, the lag is still happening.