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When I think of Glynis Johns, I think of A Little Night Music and how she was robbed by having her replaced by Elizabeth Taylor in the film version when almost no one else from the show was replaced. And Taylor was god-awful in that film.

A happy 100th to my favorite mermaid.

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Mary Morello, anti-censorship activist and mother of Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine guitarist, just recently turned 100. She appears regularly with her son on Lithium XM.


73 years old today.

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Comics legend Jim Starlin turns 74 today! Among other things, he’s the guy who created Thanos for Marvel.


69, dudes!

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It seems impossible to believe, but the perpetually youthful Bob Costas will mark his 50th year in professional broadcasting next year. And I was there to be an ear witness when it all began . . .

In 1974, after leaving Syracuse University, 22 year old Bob Costas got his first big job at radio powerhouse KMOX in St. Louis. It was the sports leader in the city at the time, being the radio home of the baseball and football Cardinals games and the Blues hockey games. The knowledgeable and personable Costas made his talents known quickly and became the station’s voice of the Spirits of St. Louis basketball team in the old ABA.

He was a total pro from the very beginning and has gone on to become a broadcasting legend, having called/hosted almost every major US sporting event imaginable from the Kentucky Derby to the NBA finals to the U.S. Open to the World Series to the Olympic games. Along the way, he was the winner of 29 Emmy awards.

Bob Costas is 71 and long may he run.


82 years old today. Guess which one.

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Honestly, I would prefer it if your posts in this thread were less cryptic. Half the time I don’t even know who it is you’re showing a picture of.

It’s either Simon or Paul, or both, but not necessarily in that order.

(Also, the two pictured differ in age by less than a month.)

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It might be Betty.


Sadly, she is no longer with us.

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Today is the 99th birthday of the great jazz vibraphonist Terry Gibbs! His professional career began back in 1946, right at the tail end of the swing band era and the dawn of the bebop era and he adopted elements from both those styles of music in his own playing. He first made a name for himself as a member of Woody Herman’s band, but over his lengthy career he has worked with every one from Tommy Dorsey to Alice Coltrane.

Here are a few video highlights from his career –

Let’s start in 1956. The vibes duet with pianist Terry Pollard starting around the 2:30 mark is especially delightful. Needless to say, a black woman working as an equal with white male musicians was a pretty rare sight on TV in those days.

In this clip from the documentary Jazz on a Summer’s Day, Terry Gibbs is among the musicians at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival backing Dinah Washington, who also joins in for a little duo vibes playing.

He was the leader of the band for Regis Philbin’s show.

Steve Allen didn’t think of Terry Gibbs first, but he did seem to always call him first. They were frequent musical partners on Allen’s TV shows and records.

And here he is just a few years ago as a spry 91 year old still wailin’ away.


Did he ever do anything with Lionel Hampton?

Funny you should ask.

He has a story about that here.

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Yep. Sounds like Hampton. I’ve seen some of his vibe battles.

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Since we just watched Young Frankenstein, let’s hear it for Teri Garr, one of the few cast members left with us. She’s one of those people I remember seeing on things all the time when I was younger, and she was always a delight.


She was even on Star Trek!

She, unfortunately, had a run playing the put-upon wife/girlfriend in a number of movies, but even then she was delightful.