Gizmoplex and backers of the last Kickstarter

I am a proud backer of both MST3K campaigns . I’m curious if that will make the episodes of The Return season available to me and my fellow backers despite our Gizmoplex subscription. I mean, we helped make them happen after all.


If you backed the 2015 Kickstarter at $85 or more, you should have received digital copies of the Season 11 episodes, and my understanding is that those will be in your Gizmoplex “library” to watch anytime. The subscription, I think, gets you access to the live events on the Gizmoplex, but you also can purchase episodes individually or in one of the bundles and have access to those anytime. Right now on the VHX site, I can see the item for the Kickstarter episodes for Season 11.


If you pledged at the $85 tier or above, a digital copy of season 13 is yours. You’ll have to wait for them to be released, of course. Even once your Gizmoplex subscription expires, you still own those episodes (and any others you might have, like season 11 or the various backer packs, shorts, etc).


Unfortunately, just contributing won’t give you a season 11. If you don’t have them, you’ll need to buy them on VHX.