Gizmoplex App Glitch

I’m using the app on my iPhone 7+ and there seems to be a glitch with the service. It keeps trying to download Zombie Nightmare every time I open the app. Yes, even now when that’s no longer an option as one of the Classic picks. And now it’s also trying to download the premiere of Robot Wars from last night. I have hit cancel download every time, and it disappears from the “Offline” section of the app, but if I close it reopen it both appear and attempt to download again. Just wanted you to know about this issue.

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What a nightmare.


Now that you mention it, I have that issue too. I did download Zombie Nightmare and Set Visit 1B. I deleted them after watching as I didn’t have much room for anything else.

I went to download more, I noticed them in the queue and removed them. Upon reading your message, I opened my app and sure enough the Zombie (and SV1B) are coming back from the digital dead.

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Clearly Shawn Levy has hacked the Gizmoplex.