Gizmoplex app on Amazon FireStick or Tablet?

So I looked and the appstore for my Amazon FireStick and FireTablet did not have anything for Gizmoplex. When I looked up MST3K it only brought up ShoutFactoryTV.

Has anyone seen the app for Amazon products yet? I’ve got my codes from the kickstarter, but I’d like to download the app on my devices.


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The app is under MST3K, or Mystery Science Theater 3000, and not Gizmoplex. Here’s a direct link so you know what you’re looking for: Mystery Science Theater for Android


The link takes me to the Amazon app store.
I don’t see anything for mst3k

Odd! Scroll down to the Gizmoplex Apps section in this update - the link is also there.

It will take you to the Amazon app store but it should show you the MST3K app. I have been using it myself, and lots of other folks have as well, so it definitely exists!


Hey Lesley, will that existing app eventually update to look like the preview we got to see in episode 1’s livestream? I was kind of unclear on that point.

Unfortunately not. The Gizmoplex Virtual Theater will be viewable primarily through a computer, although early tests have shown success when using a phone or tablet browser. But the smart apps will stay much the same as they are now.

As producer Ivan put it, "The apps that we’re able to afford for now are essentially white-labeled from Vimeo OTT, and we get no real control over the UI, navigation, organization, etc… Believe me: we wish we could have custom apps for all platforms, but we’d have to have a LOT more demand – and income – before we’d even be able to break even on the cost of developing and maintaining super-customized apps. :frowning:

More info and discussion on the topic can be found at the thread below:


Thank you so much for the response, Tim! That makes perfect sense. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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