Gizmoplex features you are most excited about

Real, imagined, or only hinted at.

I think for me, other than you know… the content, it has to be the native advertising idea that Joel kicked around in either an interview or one of the updates. The idea of the bots doing advertising for real products in universe (like the WandaVision ads but with actual brands attached) seemed really imaginative and super exciting.


I’m optimistic that there is some kind of “Caption This!” type experience, where the MSTies can riff on stills from movies. Anymore, it might be possible to do something with YouTube videos (or possibly Vimeo, given the MST3K ties there) to add text riffs to actual video. Who knows?


Mostly the fact that it’s fan based and a DIY project, as MST3K should be. Also excited for live events and that we’re rebuilding the community those of us who started from the beginning had and really miss.


I have a plan, to let my 8yo show off his self-professed riff-master host a room with his godmother, who we havent gotten to see since before the pandemic (AND because she lives 3+ hours away) so she can laugh and laugh at both how good/bad the movie is, and how good/bad his own 8yr old brain’s riffs are. If this goes well, maybe I will start hosting more episodes with him re-riffing new and old episodes. It could end up being a fun way to spend time virtually with friends and family, who knows!?!?!


The fact that it reminds me of the good old days when people still put cool stuff on the internet.


A more in-depth point of congregating for a fairly healthy fandom is kind of lovely. The MST3K groups that I float around in remind me that the internet’s not all a giant toxic blob of hate. We’re coming off of a rough patch and could all use fun.


The new episodes :rofl:

I’m also excited to see what the whole experience is going to look like. I’m intrigued by the idea of a virtual cinema and how that will actually appear

  • New episodes (of course)
  • Live Events (any and all)
  • My collection of episodes (from the Kickstarter’s Ultimate Collection) becoming available
  • Multiple theaters with different episodes showing giving me choices
  • An announcement that episodes will continue after Season 13

(There may be more items added later.)




That’s the ideal state, isn’t it? Alternaversal nails the self-production model, taps a revenue stream, and launches a sustainable plan for eternal MST 3000.

Dare to dream, Arnold*. Dare to dream.
(* actual name may vary)


Exactly like @MyWy said, it’s something that (pending runaway success) I’m looking forward to.


I’m 1000% right there with you guys - I mean, that’s the dream, right? I just thought you’d read an announcement I hadn’t or something.

Self sustaining MST3K is the best possible benefit.


My personal GUESS is that the EARLIEST we’d get an official announcement is alongside the 2nd to last episode of Season 13, but the truth is they’re probably going to need to see how many Kickstarter backers re-up for another year before they can gauge their revenue stream.

Remember: Most of the Kickstarter backers have the first year covered, so won’t be kicking in new revenue (outside of buying things) within that first year. Unless 20,000+ non-backers jump in right at the beginning for a full year, they have no clue how many people will renew. They will also have to gauge other revenue streams like the LIVE tour, item sales (digital and physical), etc. to see how much pure profit they’re generating.

I am also GUESSING is that they’ll want to have something going for after the conclusion of Season 13, even if it’s short term, because they’ll need to offer something (new content-wise) to entice people into those sign-ups so they are able to gauge the renewal rates. This COULD include another short batch of new episodes (3?), a special renewal promotion, etc.

AGAIN, everything I’m saying is PURE SPECULATION but, either way, I have faith in this community (also, a lot of love for the community as well) and I am non-scientifically confident MST3K will self-perpetuate. I mean, who needs cold hard numbers when you have faith, right? :grin: :sunglasses: :nerd_face:


(Sorry if that qualifies as rambling.)


It’s all good. :slight_smile:

For me: The Gizmoplex idea that intrigues me is the Concession Stand with real, MST3K themed snacks you can purchase.


That feels a lot like an idea that could work as a subscription, much like the 8,000 subscription boxes out there, but with a serious appeal to MSTies everywhere. I’d consider it.


Definitely a “Caption This!” theater or something akin :slightly_smiling_face:


Backstory: A friend in high school introduced me to MST3K with Pod People right before we all left for college. Since then I’ve basically watched episodes by myself.

With the watch-alongs during the campaign, it became very clear that MST3K is WAY more fun with other people. Especially people who are just as interested as I am.

I’m hoping there is a place where someone can post “[Episode] at 9 pm EST” or something, then everyone who wants to join (and has the episode?) can log on and hop in to watch the movie while riffing together in a side chat.


So basically a way to host a free-to-join viewing for anyone who can and wants to join?

I wish I could :heart: this more than once. Comedy is a social experience. Even with strangers, it’s better. What will really make this kind of thing shine is some way to interact that doesn’t require a bunch of typing. I can barely fold socks and keep up with MST3K - it’s a move within a show, so there is a lot to track. If I have to read and type to interact, it’s going to tough to follow anything. I know people do it on twitch, but I don’t enjoy that experience myself. I can’t split my focus and keep up with anything like that.


I would looooove some kind of “pop-up video”-esque Fun Facts About Riffed Movies section. Even if it pulled the factoids from or something. Just a way to take a deeper dive on some of my favs without leaving the 'plex.