Gizmoplex features you are most excited about

This, but perhaps add the ability to gift a day-pass if someone doesn’t have the episode/movie? If that gave them a limited time discount code to buy the episode, or a pack of episodes, that would be great as well?

(Bring in new MSTies and add funds during season 13 to put towards season 14?)

Perhaps allow users to buy 1, 5, 10 passes for others at a time (discount at 5 bigger discount at 10?)?

(Edited from gift code to discount code)


I love Joel’s dedication to the theatre imagery/experience. I love being able to connect you’re pre existing library of episodes from vhx. The only thing that could make it better is if I could link my RiffTrax account. But I understand why that’s not happening.


Hey friends! I’m just stopping by this topic from the update post link – re. the “realistic expectations” info (full features in the web browser version of the Gizmoplex; more limited focus on the movie library in the “app” versions for now): that makes complete sense. I officially cancel out one (1) future complaint.

In other update news: Anyone else intrigued by the connection between the physical sets for the show and the “explorable space” of the online Gizmoplex? Lots of possibilities. Are we card-holding fans inching closer to being actual test subjects in the Forrester family’s diabolical experiments? (Yes please!)


We have been all along, haven’t we?


Sorry if I missed it but will Gizmoplex also sync with VHX libraries?
I’d love all my rewards in one simple place


We have, @KHalleron, haven’t we.

(remembering the cold, cold night he watched Castle of Fu Manchu)

We… have.

Staring Jon Hamm GIF by NETFLIX

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idk why, but the “interactive” descriptions make me think of 90s FMV games like Myst, The 7th Guest, et al… it’d be awesome to have a digital theater etc. to explore with live-action (green screen) random character appearances and events pop up. Maybe Crow and Servo get into an argument in the hallway, a host hauls bot parts by, a Mad stops what they’re doing to say hello and/or yell at you to get in the theater already :smiley: The possibilities are endless!


Since no one else stepped in to answer, @Servo086, and in case you haven’t seen it somewhere else – yes, they have stated that anything we already have rights to in VHX will appear as part of our owned movies in the Gizmoplex.


It would be amazing if we had access to episode rewards from the FIRST Kickstarter campaign too. Many of us are frequent flyers supporting this project. As I get older, I find I’m repurchasing things whenever the format changes (i.e. VHS, DVD, streaming, Kickstarter 1, Gizmoplex, etc.). Gets expensive!


You already will be. They’re using the same service as the first KS, the Gizmoplex will be wrapped around that existing structure.