gizmoplex invite

i am a backer of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 off of kickstarter i have yet to recieve anything for my gizmoplex or code i paid for. when will this be sent to me? and is it avaiable for firetv

About that. This message from Ivan should explain things a little better.


The Gizmoplex launches in March.

As a backer, you can check Update #5 from April 2021 about the apps and where they’re landing (FireTV is one of them).

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any ETA when this will be? and also will sincce i paid for 12 months do i get all episodes or how do i buy all classic episodes for 299.99 as it says

Okay that, I don’t know.


The twelve months’ subscription will provide you access to stream (and I believe download) the upcoming Season 13 episodes - and any other live events that stream through the Gizmoplex.

But for the pre-S13 shows, you’ll need to purchase those, as you stated.