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Hello ladies and Germs, Long time watcher, first time poster.

Anyways, The whole interface desperately needs backwards navigation. There needs to be a home or ‘lobby’ button. I can easily navigate to things, just not back up a level or three. When watching a movie there is the Exit sign which works great, but most all areas need a way to back out.

Perhaps white dot can be the new home button :wink:

My suggestion, is have navigation with breadcrumbs (hyperlinked) so a user can click on said level they want to go up- a snazzy home button works fine too.

EDIT: PC (win 10) using Firefox (up to date).


I’ve just been clicking on Cambot when I want to go somewhere else.


The cambot acts as a “return” function. You just don’t have a “home” because the lobby is just the “entrance”.

I don’t really see anything they’ve created so far being a “homepage”, but the lobby just thematically fits as the entrance level- cause, yknow- you don’t really enter a movie theater via the game room, or the theater itself.

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Is there a method I missed to exit back out to the moon/front of theater? Or do I just need to reload the page


I’ve always just backspaced out the URL to end after dot-com.

There probably SHOULD be a lunar surface button/tab, though. Because I just love looking at the outside of the gizmoplex/kingadome.

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I don’t even need to go out there - I just like knowing what buttons do and if I missed any


If you miss any buttons, people will point.


First off I’d like to say how much I love the Gizmoplex, it’s really quirky and fun

BUT I can’t navigate through the floors I have to use Cambot to get around.

I’m using Firefox+Windows 10

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The latest scuttlebutt is the Chrome browser.

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Until they turn the escalators on, Cambot is the only way to get around.


Will the escalators be covered in chrome? Like the GMP could have a colloquialism where escalators are called browsers because they take you all over the place to look at everything and if it’s chrome it will be the chrome browser.


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Thank you! Now I am happily gazing upon the Gizmoplex exterior, wondering if Kinga has contorted the constellations to all be of her.

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My new topic would seem to be a duplicate of this one. I specifically mentioned the Account page, and no Done button or similar. So feel free to remove it.

The concept of clicking Cambot for all navigation is pretty good - probably more elegant than multiple navigation buttons on every screen.

My specific suggestion: add a hover message. When someone hovers their mouse over Cambot, have it say “Site Navigation” or “Go to Another Room” or “Troy’s Map”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The date sorting seems to be a bit borked if you try to filter. When strictly sorting by date it seems to work OK, but if I choose Joel as a host, then the KTMA episode #2 shows first and KTMA episode #1 is at the end. That’s the only one I have encountered so far, but I figure I’d give my $.02

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Is everything else in order? I think there’s something in the metadata for those two episodes that isn’t playing with the rest.

I’ve also noticed, my sorting seems to go by backer rewards. So all of the Brought Back episodes list first, and then the MadeMore episodes follow after that. Not sure if that’s a metadata hiccup or a VHX hiccup.


I was just invited to the Gizmoplex Theater beta program today, so this is my first time. I see that there’s been some discussion on the navigation.

As a brand new user, I will provide my observations from my very first visit below. First, I will state that I am using Chromium, and the layout and interactive parts of the site, such as they are, appear fine.

  • I find the navigation extremely confusing. The multiple ways in which you may access a feature is fine in principle, but the labels and affordances are not consistent across them. For instance, “My Videos” in one place, and “Video Fridge” in the other; a large labelled button on one side, and an little arrow on the other.

  • The escalators are not working, which I suppose is because they are still under development. However, even if they were, it is not clear at a glance whither they go.

  • It seems that some screens are hard-coded to jump to a particular area – like when Usher-Crow blocks your access to the Kingadome and (passively-aggressively) suggests that you visit the Video Fridge, with no way to cancel the attempt and return back whence you came.

  • I like that I can use Cambot’s QuickNav at any time, but in my opinion that should be merely a shortcut to proper navigation. It does not seem intended to be the main way to get around, nor should it be. Yes, it’s a web site, so random access in some fashion is expected; but you’ve gone through all this trouble to create an experience that should feel like an actual place. If I can’t move around like a real place (e.g., following some logical path that is spatially consistent), then all that work has been for naught.

  • Some areas do not provide a way to exit them. More than once I am forced to use my browser forward and back buttons, which takes me out of the immersive experience. It is distracting to have to search in vain for an actual navigation control on a page. One example is the Video Fridge – once you land there, you can’t exit or go back, except by way of the Cambot QuickNav (which I consider sort of lazy or cheating).

  • At any point in time, it is not clear to me where I am in relation to other areas. For instance, if I am in the lobby, then go to the basement, I should know that I have to traverse two stories in order to get to the Backer Atrium. Not only are the areas not clearly marked, in practice they feel disconnected to one another.

Apart from those few peeves, I’d also like to say that it all looks great! What’s available works well and snappy, which was always a concern with web applications. I was able to enter the Video Fridge, scan the available movie cans, and stream one of them. It was all quick and snappy, and seamless. Full screen, small screen (and the new “theater mode” which is great) worked well.

Great job! I can’t want to see the Gizmoplex Theater completed.

Although I find using the new AppleTV app extremely convenient for streaming the preview episodes, I can see myself using the Gizmoplex Theater instead of the iPad app for when I want to access MST3K from outside my living room.


Ok, so the above pretty much sums up my feelings on my first encounter with the Gizmoplex. So nothing more really needs to be added.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.

The cambot has been emphasized as the main way to traverse levels at this point in the soft launch

The escalator will eventually be functional, and be used to go up and down levels. And the escalator has up and down arrows on each side.

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