Gizmoplex Plan Confusion - Help

I went through the list of Gizmoplex plan options and, quite frankly, I gave up after about 30 seconds. (I’m quite lazy.)

I just want to be able to stream/download the 13 new episodes for Season 13. (I get that not all have premiered yet, and I’m fine with that.)

Which plan is gonna give me the best bang for my buck?

Thanks for dealing with the noob,


Welcome to the forums, NJCroMag!

To get all of the new episodes (13 full-length, 12 shorts), you have 2 options:

  1. A Gizmoplex Season Pass for $150. This gives you access to all the livestreams, including tribute shows and special events, when they happen, plus DRM-free downloads of new episodes two weeks after they premiere. Season Passes also include the monthly Vault Picks, a selection of 6 classic episodes with new wraparounds and inserts from the current crew.

  1. A Gizmoplex Digital Pass for $130. This gives you streams of the new content when they happen plus DRM-free downloads two weeks later.

All of the details are here:


Thank you kindly. I was wondering if there was another (read: cheaper) option, but I guess this is it.

Have a good one!


You can buy or rent episodes on a per-episode basis, however, you cannot download those episodes, they can only be streamed.


Small correction - if you buy an episode a la carte, you do have the option to download it, two weeks after it premieres.

And the $130 Member Pass is the best bang for your buck, if you don’t have much interest in attending the live premieres or livestream events. $130 works out to be $10 per episode to own them forever, plus you get all the shorts as well! That’s a pretty good deal IMO.


And if you’re not ready to jump into a full member pass, you could do an Autumn Pass (Gizmoplex Autumn Pass (2022) - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX).

That’ll get you streaming access to the new episodes and livestream events, but no downloads. And a discount on a full Member Pass if you decide to make the jump when the Autumn Pass ends.


Purely tangential, but good show on Jackbox, bone daddy. :+1:


Thank you, friend! It was a very fun, silly time.


@timryder Although there were some timing and lagging issues I’m glad I watched it all. There were some really great laughs and I ended up buying two of the spontaneously designed shirts.

@NJCroMag Welcome and I highly recommend checking out the Gizmoplex at whatever buy-in you are comfortable with. The live events have been funny and enlightening as you get to see how much the expanded crew really loves MST3K as much as the fans.


I nearly grabbed the Biloxi, Mississippi shirt (my favorite from the impromptu designs), but chickened out at the last minute and picked up a predesigned Crow vs. Servo shirt instead. I didn’t want to have to explain to random people why I was wearing the shirt when I have, in fact, never been to Biloxi, Mississippi. I did get a compliment on the Crow vs. Servo shirt the first time I wore it though, and that lead me to getting word out to an old MSTIE who was unaware about the new season.


Plus the shorts, right? Bringing that price per episode down even lower.


Exactly! I think of it as 10 bucks an episode, plus all the new shorts for free! It’s a bargain!