Gizmoplex - the streaming experiment?

Howdy @Lesley , @ivan and @mattmcg22!

Here we are, already to July , almost to episode 7 of the new season- we’ve only got five more months left in the year.

You’ve done a wonderful job checking in with fans and trying to get the pulse of things. Really trying to track the hits and misses and getting the feedback you need to keep this all going.

But I have to ask, and hopefully it’s neither inappropriate nor too much inside baseball, but how do Y’ALL think it’s going so far?

I’m not asking for membership numbers or viewership eyes, but overall, is the Alternaversal team happy with where this experimental streaming model is at so far?

Are you feeling like we’re accomplishing what you need to at this juncture for the shows future or is there more you feel needs to be done to keep the vital signs healthy?

(And no, I’m not asking for a season 14 reveal here! But I mean if you wanted to, I would never say no…)

Do us fans need to get the word out to more people about the beauty of season 13? Or are there enough “right people” getting it that things seem to be solid so far? (And yes, there’s always room to have new converts and subscribers… Join us… JOIN US!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, your hard work, and non stop dedication.

Hoping this has lived up to what YOU were hoping for! :slight_smile:


I was recently wondering the same thing. Is the Gizmoplex on a positive enough trajectory to lead to a season 14 w/o needing kickstarter again, is what I would love to know.


I mostly want to know if they can tell us whether or not the Gizmoplex will be self-sustaining financially. Or if more pledge drives will be necessary.

That’s all I care about right now.


Tough question. While we have very carefully tracked y’all’s feedback since the very first day we opened the Gizmoplex’s virtual doors, we haven’t had a lot of time to really reflect as a collective, because we’re so focused on getting each new episode and event out, and making them as great as possible! Our biggest responsibility and our strongest efforts have been trained on following through on everything we promised to the folks who backed this 13th season, which hasn’t left a ton of time for other stuff.

I can say that we are moving toward larger conversations very soon, however. And perhaps we’ll try to put together a backer update in the near future that talks about how we feel so far, because certainly I understand folks wanting to know!


Thank you Lesley! I really appreciate the response.

I can only speculate, but I imagine this has been unbelievably challenging, exciting, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Hopefully the good has far outweighed the bad for everyone at Alternaversal.

As for future, larger conversations, I look forward to the updates. When y’all have the time to take a moment to breathe and have stuff to share, we’ll be here waiting excitedly. :slight_smile:

Hoping there’s still enough passion and momentum to get us to season 14 (and beyond!).

I’ll keep saying it, but good work to all!


Comment deleted, as I see this is really asking the creators their thoughts. Sorry!

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This Gizmoplex is self sustaining and Judgment Day is imminent.


Self sustaining and-much to everyone’s surprise-Self-aware!


That would be very nice. Thank you!


I am really enjoying the Gizmoplex. It took me a few months to get into it, but I am logging in almost every day.


So sayeth White Dot


I posted this reply to a similar post. I think it’s worth reiterating here.


I have been sharing as far and wide as I can.