Gizmoplex Theater Launch Expectations

So, I think one of the things that often causes confusion and frustration for a group of folk is having differing expectations about what’s coming. We’re about a month out from the official launch of the new season and the Gizmoplex (Theater), and I know I’m wondering what remaining features are planned to make it in for the Grand Opening.[1]
Right now, there are 2 main floors/features that are still under construction:
The Ticket Counter[2]
The Video Vault[3]

And there’s, imo, two major features currently unavailable in the Screening Bunkers:
Hosting/joining watch-parties.[4]
Downloading eps.[5]

Has there been any official and clear communication indicating what’s going to make it in by launch? I might have missed it. It’s probably worth including/reiterating in a Kickstarter update between now and the public launch. :thinking:

  1. And plans are subject to change, and that’s okay. ↩︎

  2. (Main Lobby, buying passes and tickets) ↩︎

  3. (Buying/renting episodes) ↩︎

  4. Also, while on the subject, are we going to be able to bring guests to live events, or will they need their own tickets? I thought I remember something about a guest pass as a bonus at certain tiers during the Kickstarter, but I haven’t found that again… brain making things up, perhaps. ↩︎

  5. Which can be done via the non-theater Gizmoplex, so that’s not a concern for me, but it might be for others. Though, there will be a delay for new eps/events before they’re downloadable, as I understand it. That’s something that might also need to be more strongly outlined for folks to minimize frustration. ↩︎


To piggy-back on this thread with another suggestion: I may have missed it somewhere in all the flurry of postings, but it would be nice if the theatre had an area you could go that would lead to this forum as an easy way to chat with fellow msties after viewing something similar to discussing a movie with friends after you’ve watched it.

I’m also hoping that the video vault will allow a public share option where you could have an open invitation to other members to drop in and chat while the movie you’re showing is playing.


I agree, I do think there should be some roads from the Gizmoplex into the forums here.

Another thread I have on here is a suggestion about a friend’s list, so pre-approved people could get notifications you’re hosting a room, and just pop in if you’re watching something.

Being able to publicly host a watch party would be cool, too.
Either implementation would benefit from a chat in the watch party room, or at least a way to generate a share-code that lead to a forum thread for discussion would be cool, too.


To address the features currently unavailable in the Screening Bunker/Video Fridge: They will happen! :grinning: Right now, if you hover over these two grayed-out buttons, it says “In Development. Coming Soon!” The button with people on it I’m assuming will be the joining watch parties (or something like that) button, and the next one is the download icon we all know and love. I honestly think these are fully, or nearly fully, “developed” already, but might be restricted right now for the beta testing. Either way, I have faith that it will exceed our wildest dreams!


Are wombats and velocipedes involved? If not, then they will not have exceeded my wildest dream!


Or- in my wildest dream: Wyatt Russell fighting zombies on a spaceship.

Will it stack up to that?!?! It remains to be seen…

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And therein lies my reason for the thread. :wink:
We don’t know how close to being done those features are, and I’d be surprised if many aren’t expecting them to be there once the beta ends.[1] I just worry there’s going to be a bunch of grumpy folk upset when their expectations aren’t met, and I’m hoping those expectations can be better managed to reduce said grumpiness. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. And I suspect most think the beta also ends with the public opening. ↩︎

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