Gizmoplex Thoughts

So, the Gizmoplex has been out for months now. There’s been time for us to get a good mix of new movies, shorts, and tributes with a ton of various riffers. And now I’m curious: what do people think about the new stuff? Me, my dad, and the friends I’ve shown stuff to have were all happy, but I’ve also seen complaints about the writing and performing quality. So I’m here to ask; what do ya think, sirs?


I’m ready to sign up for another year. It’s been like hanging out in a great big clubhouse.


No complaints from me, though that long awkward delay before Demo Squad started streaming was annoying. But that one was vimeo’s fault.


Yeah, not great, but at the same time We Effin’ BROKE Vimeo! How badass is that?


With the wide variety of the fanbase for this show, there’s always going to be complaints about the writing.

Not all jokes land for all people, and when the main point of the show is the jokes then an episode more jokes “miss” than “land” can often turn into a complaint about the writing. And some of those may not even be complaints. You can say that the majority of jokes in an episode didn’t hit for you without it being a complaint.

But this is the way it has been for 13 seasons now. And frankly, I think the fact that everyone has a more accessible means to put their immediate comments out there now (as compared to the original run) makes it seem like there are more negative comments. There probably aren’t more now than there was in the 90s, but the internet was way less of a thing back then, and there wasn’t the same type of social media that was just out there for anyone to see if they didn’t know you.

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I am thoroughly enjoying this season. The movies so far have all been winners and the riffing is top-notch. Emily joined the crew, bringing a new energy and I love the relationship she has with the 'bots.

My money was well spent and even with the filming challenges, the production has done a great job. There have been hiccups getting the virtual theater going, but I expected that. We’re all so used to how Netflix works now that we’ve forgotten it was not a smooth launch for them either.

I hope we get more, and I’m down to back a season 14 if needed.


What I said before still applies:


Loved Seasons 11 and 12, so I ponied up cash to support Season 13 without hesitation.

And honestly? I couldn’t be happier with my Kickstarter pledge. It’s been a sensational collection of episodes so far (with fun movies thrown into the mix), all of which I’d be jazzed to rewatch any given day of the week. Not a bad (or even average) episode in the bunch.

The feel and flavor of MST3K is also well preserved and extended through those host segments. Yeah, there were logistical obstacles that the cast and crew had to deal with as far as filming went, but in the face of those obstacles, the gang came through with a finished product that I’m so utterly proud to have supported.

The Gizmoplex Virtual Theater and livestreaming premieres have faced their share of technical bumps in the road, but such is to be expected. Besides, the communal viewing experiences have been second-to-none, precisely what you’d want out of such MST3K premiere events.

Jonah’s team continued their win streak, Emily’s team hit it clear out of the park on Day One and kept on rocking it, and the return of both Joel and Josh has been nothing short of fantastic.

The way things are going, the future of MST3K has mad potential, and I’m down to support further installments. I got my money’s worth, and THEN some, easily.


Huh? What? Where? If anything, the writing and performing has gotten even stronger from recent seasons. I mean, different strokes for different folks, but I’ve laughed harder this season than I think ever.

And given the massive enormity of building a complete concept from scratch, the Gizmoplex is pretty amazing. Of course there will be ongoing tweaks, but I’m happy.

I plunked a healthy chunk of cash down for the KS (oh, how I wish I could’ve swung a character cutout!) and I’m more than happy to keep supporting into the future.


I really could gush non-stop, but I’ll just say that I am completely in love with The Gizmoplex and Season 13! My investment has definitely been worth it.

I would gladly re-up for a Season 14! :smiley:


We’re gonna look back at Season 13 as something really special.


No complaints here. I have seen some derogatory comments on the cesspool that is Facebook. I’m thankful for all the new content…episodes, Gizmoplex, the forums, etc.


This season has totally surpassed my expectations, and I can’t wait for the rest! Rooty-toot-toot, mothercrabbers, and long live the Gizmoplex!


I’ve been unsure about posting as I don’t seem to have the popular opinion (but since you asked): I’m disappointed. As a MSTie from the late 80’s I have always been surprised and impressed that the show was able to keep me coming back, even with all the changes. I’ve enjoyed each part of the journey from Joel to Mike to Jonah, from Clayton to Pearl to Kinga, from J Elvis to Kevin to Baron from Trace to Bill to Hampton. The comedic timing in the new season was ramping up for me with “Robot Wars” (the stewardess sketch and the 90’s sketch both incited bust-out-laugh moments) but then the cast changed again, and while it’s rad to have Joel and J Elvis back, I’m just not laughing that much. Having said that, I’ve pre-ordered all of Season 13 so I’m still holding out hope.

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I feel like I got way more than I paid for with the Gizmoplex, so I am very happy with it. Even if Season 13 had been a total bomb (it has been quite the opposite for me). Having access to the entire library of available episodes gives the Gizmoplex immense value for me. I would have easily funded another Kickstarter at the same pledge I made just for Season 13 for the Gizmoplex as we have it now. Add in all the livestream events, and vault picks, and all the things that are yet to come, and I am happy to continue supporting the Gizmoplex for years to come.