Gizmoplex Update - v 0.9.15

It’s so far down the list of priorities… but I’d love little animated easter eggs through the theater. Snakes. GPC’s body/tube just moving through the area. Nanites. Various ships and characters coming and going. …a lost Torgo. Like the Travolta meme. So much fun could be had.


You mean you meant to turn Crow on?!


One thing in the Fridge that still needs tweaking is the drop-down menus. The initial menu design is perfect, easy to read, nice color distinction. However, if you want to change, say the host list from Joel to Mike, the background color on the menus changes to a pale blue. That along with the white text makes it very hard to read.


Hmm. Doesn’t show that way on my end. Unless Ivan (Or another engineer!) updated in the last 2hrs. :thinking:


Interesting. Never seen that. What browser are you using?


This is what I see, most of the time:


Everythinga is Kinga.


I’m on Chrome and see the same. Fine at first, if your just looking, but once you click on something, like you said, it changes to white lettering on light blue background.



I can read it just fine, but then I have my screen set at 125% and wear glasses.

Just sharing to show what I see.


Aah. So, on the base page, it’s normal. I tried to match @LadyShelley’s setup, I missed that they’d actually already selected Joel.
Yeah, when you click something, the page reloads, and then the text is borked for any list you’ve made selections in, but the rest are still normal.

And that was in the text to miss. :person_facepalming:
Edited to add: I’m on Win10 (build 19041.1237)
It’s also doing it on my Win10 Laptop (build 19044.1586)
as far as themes go, the closest I think I’ve done is some Windows color prefernces:


Are you also going to make an option to not be left alone?

Ivan, when will you give us our Crow T. Robot Dating Sim!?


So I just used the “Date” Sorting and it works so much better (If possible I think most people would want Date to be the default rather than A-Z) but the shorts aren’t paired are just kinda slapped at the end of the list. Is there any way to integrate them with the rest of the show’s run so if I’m going down the list I can know when in the show’s run a short was aired?


Test laptop (MacOS 11.6.4 , Safari Version 15.3 (16612., 16612))

Menus behaving normally for me?

Gizmoplex Theater Bunker Menus3 - Closeup Collection menu MST3K Episodes selected


Looks like this has been answered but I’m using Chrome on a desktop. The key piece is making a choice from one of the menus, letting it load, then choosing another item from the menu (so looking at all of the Joel episodes, then wanting to see all of the Mike episodes). That’s when the menu goes wiggy.

Hope that helps.


Realized that I’ve been living in “Dark Mode” on MacOS forever, decided to test this in light mode to see if it made any difference (it shouldn’t). Looks good here as well.


Gizmoplex Theater Bunker Menus light mode3


The trick is to change it to something else. So if you picked MST3K Episodes and let the screen reload. Then went and picked Event Replays, what does the menu look like?


And, I just realized something, and it’s awesome…

Thank you @ivan and please thank whoever is responsible for coding the change…

My bunker is remembering my selection of sorting by Ep# after I leave then come back!

The sort by Ep# seems to be “sticky”! This is a great update!

Now, to see if it remembers the setting across different browsers/logins… (check if it’s account sticky or browser/cookie sticky)


Nod, that’s what I’m doing?

First screen shot is with the base “all” selected in all menus.

Then the following screen shots are where I’ve changed a selection, let the page reload, and then check the menu.

Checking Chrome on my system next for the menus and to see if the Sort by Ep# preference is sticky to my account or just the browser/cookies.


Chrome on a Mac. Can’t click on the fridge at all now. It doesn’t even give me the option.

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No, that won’t create the issue. You need to make a choice (MST3K Episodes) and let the page reload. Now you’re seeing all of the MST3K episodes. Go back to that same menu and change it to Event Replays. What does the menu look like?


Gave me trouble opening in Chrome Mac (Version 100.0.4896.75 (Official Build) (x86_64)) just now as well.

Was only showing “Hamlet” in my Fridge and didn’t have the new “Ep#” sort option, was still showing the “Date” toggle.

Cleared cache and seemed to start working.

Menus working in Dark and Light mode on Chrome on Mac? Look the same as the screen shots above? (won’t repost pretty much the same screen grabs unless someone thinks they’d be helpful?)