Gizmoplex Virtual Theater Poster Gallery

I’ve been thinking of other options to add to the Gizmoplex. Looking at the movie posters outside the Kingadome, I wonder if it’s possible to make a virtual gallery for them. Here are some options.

  • A short description next to the poster detailing its release, cast & crew, etc.
  • The Steve Vance posters made for the MST3K box sets
  • Miscellaneous ads and marquees for each movie

Let me know what you think of this idea.


Here here! I was just noticing that the poster for “Cave Dwellers” is from when it was titled “The Bladr Master” and that really made me want to get a better shot of that poster. Some more extras in general would be great - posters, the documentaries they made for some of the episodes, lobby cards, etc etc.

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Personally, I love the idea of some kind of archive or gallery where we can see past Gizmoplex external displays (with all the marquees and posters and all), the cardboard standups, the Vault Picks cover art, all that stuff.

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