Gizmoplex Wish List

I want to see screens show up where various members of the cast give you full motion video tutorials on how to use the site like late 90’s/early 2000’s CD games.


So, if the sketch is mentioned in the description, it’ll already come up when you search for it! If there’s specific information the community would like to tag episodes with, we just need volunteers to help define what those additional metadata tags should be!


Been planning for this since before the Kickstarter. Once it exists, that’ll be my favorite room in the entire 'plex.


I recall during the KS there was mention of a plan to include a concession stand selling IRL merch like the popcorn sleeves and Kingavision glasses. That would be a good addition.

As mentioned in another thread, I would love to see our customized avatar cambots in the theater seats when we watch together. I realize that’s trickier to implement for a relatively small payout, but I’m hoping it’s something that becomes doable down the road.

I agree that any good multiplex should have an arcade in the lobby.

Would be fun if you could randomly run into the bots. Stay in the lobby long enough, and Tom floats by. Or Crow meanders through with his net full of popcorn. Or maybe just some recognizable silhouettes in the theater seats (before they get up and walk out halfway through the movie).

The option to view with others was shown to be a watch party with what appeared to be people on some kind of friend list. I hope there’s also an option to have a more open room that can either be accessed by anyone who feels like joining or open to anyone with the link/password/access token.

Also hoping the chat becomes more usable. I’m glad we’re able to pop it out of the browser window or join on a phone. But by default, it blocks a good chunk of the theater screen. I’d like to see it more integrated as a sidebar, like on Twitch. Someone mentioned dark mode, which would be a nice addition, as well. And hopefully a good slow mode compromise, where chat is slow enough to be readable but you can see how long you have to wait before you’re allowed to add your next comment.

The lobby could have background music.

Since we’re navigating by flying a Cambot around, IDK that we need to use the stairs. Remember that chute to the side of the main SOL console, which later became the Umbilicus port? Cambots could travel by tube.

Speaking of which: With so many Cambots flying around (and no bathrooms, I’m guessing), a Cambot construction and repair bay might be interesting at some point. That would be where you’d customize your user info, select your user avatar, maybe give your Cambot a new paint job.

The front page is beautiful, before you zoom into that lovely marquee entrance. I’d love to see the SOL and/or Rocket #9 flying over it.

All of this is for down the road, of course. Right now they’ve got their hands full building out the basic infrastructure like the ticket booth. And they’ve got some pretty neat stuff in the development plan already, like being able to move the Kingachrome canisters around so you can flush the movie into your screening room. (I have to say, though, that I’d be sorely tempted to try to pour some of one movie into another canister…)

What we have looks great already, and I’ll be excited to join the beta when it’s my turn.


Is there a way to link it to the fuller information from the existing wiki at ?


Any idea what kids use for flash-like games these days, now that Flash is more or less dead?
Is it all programmed in Unity? It’s a pity my programming skills began and fizzled with Turbo Pascal. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’d love to see quick and simple (and stupid) MST3K knockoffs of classic arcade games tied in with the various episodes. The Santo in the Treasure of Dracula one would definitely have to be a version of the 1980’s Punch-Out, because Tom Servo would make the perfect Glass Joe (he’s got an easily breakable dome, and his arms don’t work!) and Crow makes an ideal Challenger because his head’s already a partially see-through wireframe!


Obviously, you’d also need a MST3K version of one of those pub quiz machines, with possibly some Jackbox style games in a separate lounge area for multiplayer (which I suspect may already be in the works considering the way they helped out with the Jackbox Showdown)

Other than the arcade, it’d be really cool if you could invite the Annotated MST folks to provide an alternate SRT file for classic episodes that would allow you to watch them with riff annotations. So many of us already own every classic series episode on DVD that you may get more people interested in the Vault if people know they can get something new out of the experience that they can’t get from their home collections.

I’d also dearly love to have some sort of monthly Invention Exchange challenge, where Joel or someone else on the team presents the group with an open-ended theme (ex: invent a new musical instrument, make real life more like the movies, help bring families back to the dinner table, etc.) and then we have 3 weeks or so to go off and come up with an idea that can be presented in anything from sketches, to photos, CAD drawings, or even short videos, and at the end of that time, somebody gets to sift through the submissions and pick their top three favorites, and those entries get immortalized in the Gizmoplex hall of fame.

Mind you, there would probably have to be some sort of legal wording about not injuring yourself in your quest for internet stardom, and all entries becoming the sole intellectual property of Kinga Forrester, so if you guys ever come up with something similar to any one of the countless submissions in season 14 or beyond, that person can’t file a lawsuit claiming they thought up the idea for the Stand-Up Sit-Down Meal or After Dinner Ejector Seat first.


Oh, man… maybe some old arcade emulators (licensed or public domain, of course)…


Restrooms with recessed lighting.

Just kidding. I was thinking it would be nice to have the Gizmoplex (while still remaining primarily MST3K-focused) be a one-stop shopping place for riffing shows of all kinds. Links to Rifftrax and the others, if their creators are willing. And maybe links to appropriate YouTube channels, podcasts, etc.

I also wonder if it would be possible to invite famous bad-movie-ridiculing celebrities like Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson and Rich “Svengoolie” Koz to be inolved in some way.


When I’m scrolling through all the episodes of the various seasons, they are all still showing as purchasable for me even though I own several through the kickstarter campaigns. It would be nice if the ones that I own would show up as purchased while I’m browsing, but they all have the lock icon. Maybe I’m missing something?

I know someone mentioned playlists, which I would also enjoy, but even just having a Library view of all purchased items instead of having to click through the bundle purchases would be great.

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This sounds amazing. Something to keep the community engaged year round, doesn’t put a huge burden on Alternaversal folks, and lets the fans have fun and shine their love.


I envision this looking like one of those mall kiosk maps — a kind of “riffing community” map that could include links to various projects of current and former cast members.


I’d like to see a Bio Page for cast and crew.

Also, a breakdown of each character and host; who played them and what episodes etc.


To this end, @ivan would there be a way to link to a specific timestamp in an episode? It would be fun to be able to share those links within the forum.

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With plenty of public domain shorts out there on Youtube and the like, it would be great if people could upload their own riffs somewhere, especially once those classes in riffing start so they can show what they learned.


With maybe a button one could push (hey, that could make a neat catch phrase . . . ) that would randomly play one of these shorts for you before your chosen feature presentation. An opportunity for the creator of the riffed clip to get their work before more eyeballs and an opportunity for viewers to discover works they otherwise may never have seen.


This is such a tiny thing, but it would seriously make me so happy:

Can you set it up so that when we select our video fluid to play it makes the liquidy-gurgly sound and we hear that instant classic line, “Movie in the hole.”

This could even be an optional thing for those that wouldn’t want it, so it could be toggled on or off.


Wow. Some of these ideas are super creative.

I didn’t really like how buried the events and purchases were. I’d like them to show up on the main page or sidebar once I’m logged in.

And closed captions for live events.


I would like a Intro Skip (yes, sorry. Somethimes it would be nice) when watching eps. And maybe a 30 skip and rewind buttons to jump ahead or to replay a joke we love and want to hear again for the 324th time.


I second that. There were some jokes – for me, the times Servo spoke with a Transylvanian-ish accent – that were hard to catch the first time around, so a button that allows you to rewind 15 or 30 seconds to watch a segment again would be most welcome.


The whole Gizmoplex reminded me of a retro video game.