Glowing eyes

I just saw the Time Bubble Tour in Philly! Great show everyone! Glad to be in MST3K’s new backyard and to hear shoutouts from local people I know working on the new season.
Seeing the show I had an idea that I’m not sure would work, but if it did would make the alive experience a bit better.
I noticed that at times Crow & Tom were in the occasional shadow (not Shadowrama) while GPC stood out due to her glowing eye. With the adjustments done to the ‘Bots already for Tour, (like Tom’s frosted globe, Crow’s blue foam and globe like legs), could they have glowing eyes as well? Like a yellow lights inside Crow’s ping pong balls and a light inside the frosted globe for Tom?
Just an idea. Again it was a phenomenal production!


I dunno… thinking about this, what they did makes sense: the Gyp has a utility flashlight for an eye, but Art just has ping pong balls, and… Tom. On the other hand, you are right, it would look kinda cool. I mean, just seen Tom as a glowing ball sounds kinda neat… I’m thinking the Organians from Star Trek (the OG balls of light).


Tom may not wish to return to being 99 44/100 percent pure light.


There is precedent for Crow’s eyes to glow. He’s done that before.

He even got more than two!


Nice! Come to think of it, instead of having the eyes on all the time they could keep them off and then use them for creepiness.

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Tom’s already 99 and 44/100 pure canola!

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