Going to Dr. Manos for a periodontal evaluation. How has MST crept into your world?

I need to go see a periodontist for receding gums. Got an appointment with Dr. Manos! Going to be impossible not to ask if he’s heard of the movie.
Manos! Hands of Fate Working on my Gums!
How have MST references crept into your life in unexpected ways?


I’ve seen people sky dive.


honestly can’t drink coffee the same anymore :smiley:


I constantly feel that my life is being enriched by RADAR.


I have a real Scott Thorson build, so I got that going for me.

Pretty strong dude.

That’s right. Zombie Nightmare.

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While not ‘MST’ specifically, at times I do pass by a place called “Criswell Storage” and can’t help picturing ol’ Cris predicting what’s behind every storage door.

Sometimes when I get down on myself, it helps me to remember Mister B Natural of all things-- “I’m here to help you-- not to help you feel sorry for yourself!”

Oh, and I use springs (probably) whistle

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Just keep a watchful eye on the dental hygienist, Moho may or may not be Torgo.

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Hobgoblins? Hobgoblins! What can you do with those hobgoblins? They’re over here. They’re over there! Those darn hobgoblins are everywhere!

Seriously, no idea what to do with them. Kinda awkward really.

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Dr. Manos.

But made for a Womanos!

C’mon, you have to say something to your new DDS. I bet he or she has heard it before. I bet you anything that’s the case.

FWIW my DDS/regular dentist’s name includes the phoneme “pain.” It’s funny, in the Roger Corman kind of way, but he’s damned good and he runs a good business.

I used to go past a Mano’s Pizza every time I took the bus to university. I just know I’d have been disappointed if I ordered and it wasn’t very slowly delivered by Torgo.


There was a big-deal indy band here for a while called The Spinanes and they had an album called “Manos.” It was… all right I suppose. Not worth all the hype I kept hearing, though.