Golden Corral's new slogan ...

For those who RiffTrax, you already know. For those who don’t, this is probably my favorite recurring riff outside of MST3K.

I’ve been keeping a list for years, but I don’t own everything of theirs (whether or not my wife believes that is up for debate). There are a few new releases I haven’t watched yet, and there is also at least one I can’t decipher so I’m hoping someone can help with GCNS #2 from Son of Sinbad. [EDIT: Fixed! Thanks for @YettiChild for confirming this one.]

Without further ado:

A Talking Cat!?! - You deserve toe-free appetizers.
Alien Outlaw - Don’t kill anything you won’t eat.
Battle for the Lost Planet - You know what? You guys are never making it alive anyhow.
Beast of the Yellow Night - Eat, my boy.
Beast of the Yellow Night - Eat. (Golden Corral’s even newer slogan)
The Color of Health - You must have calories to stay alive.
Dangerous Men - As long as I get paid, it makes no difference to me whether it’s a man or a woman.
Dark Future - What is this place? Just shut up.
Fatal Combat - Always to the death … we guarantee it.
Fever Lake - What I’m about to do isn’t legal, and I don’t want any witnesses.
Fever Lake - And I’m telling you: it’s going to blow. (Golden Corral’s newer slogan.)
Fugitive Rage - Then you must have a very big ass.
Giant From the Unknown - This is bad place for you to be. Only evil can come to you here.
I Believe in Santa Claus - I can’t wait a few more hours. I’m hungry!
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant - I’m hungry, imbecile.
Jack Frost - [projectile barfing]
Last Woman On Earth - We can’t stay here. In a couple of days the stench alone would choke us.
Live: Carnival of Souls - It was unsanitary, but delicious.
Live: Miami Connection - Give me some of that s__t.
McGruff’s Drug Alert - But some things can make you very sick, hurt your body, or sometimes even kill you.
Oblivion - There are some who find beauty in the most bleak surroundings.
Oblivion 2 - It was worth a try. (Golden Corral’s old slogan.)
Prisoners of the Lost Universe - Eat, d__n you.
R.O.T.O.R - Do you want to go to the iHop? Huh?
Radical Jack - To be honest with you, the less you know the better.
Rats: Night of Terror - Hey, food!
Retro Puppet Master - Come on…a few coins. Ease your conscience. I can use the money, and I’m sure it will make you feel so much better.
The Retrievers - <snort><snort> Here’s your swill, pig.
The Return - Dog, bite whatever it is or shut up.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Go on. Don’t you know food when you see it?
San Franpsycho - I want to kill you.
Son of Sinbad - Stop feeding your ugly faces and listen to me.
Son of Sinbad - If this doesn’t kill them, the smell will.
Star Games - Don’t swallow, just chew.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - The garbage will do.
Subspecies: The Awakening - Have you … tasted blood?
Suburban Sasquatch - I can’t tell what it is from here but you’ll have its head on a platter by nightfall.
The Sword and The Sorcerer - Bring us a bucket.
The Sword and The Sorcerer - Hungry indeed, but not for food.
To Catch A Yeti - Please don’t die, it’s really good for you. Please…eat it.
Uninvited - Here, pu__y … have some food.
Velvet Smooth - I never expect anything.
Yor: The Hunter from the Future - Why did you come to this land of death?
You’re The Judge - I can’t even gloat. It all looks so awful.
Zindy the Swamp Boy - Don’t be afraid. What do you want?


I don’t know the answer to Sinbad but this is an amazing list, thank you!


I think this one may always be my favorite. Thanks for the list!


This might be my favorite list yet. I’ve often wondered how many times they’ve used this riff. :grin:

A close second would be the recurring jabs at various airlines; “At least it’s not Delta!”


For Son of Sinbad: Stop feeding your ugly faces and listen to me


That’s the one I can hear—there’s another at the 1:06:20 mark (or thereabouts) that I can’t quite make out. I’ve got “… doesn’t kill them, the smell will.” but for whatever reason I can’t decipher the first part of the line.


Okay, give me a sec and I’ll see if I can figure it out.


If this doesn’t kill them the smell will.

Confirmed by CC


Fantastic - thank you!


No problem, good excuse for me to watch it again.


Now I’m curious if I have any rifftrax you don’t. I’ll have to copy your list and see if I have any you don’t. Then I can check to see if there are any golden corral references in them. I know I’ve heard at least one in Matthew and Ian’s riffs. Are you including those?


I didn’t realize Matthew and Ian were using it, too—I don’t have them in the list, so if you find that one I’ll add it. I’ve got a backlog of new RT movies I haven’t watched so I’m sure I’m missing a few newer ones.


Has anyone else watched Samurai Cop? I swear I heard one in there, but I did go to the live show, so I may be thinking of that version. If no one has, I’ll watch it tonight. Probably watch it anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

EDIT Nevermind, just my fading memory. At least I got to watch it again. We all won.


You can never go wrong with Samurai Cop.

“I show up to work in a baseball cap and a Cher wig and you say NOTHING?”


Alright, just watched Plankton. Wow. Anyway, it had a reverse Golden Corral reference

Character: Everything is so fresh!

Mike: Golden Corral’s…rejected slogan.


I just wait for Golden Corral’s new slogan every time I watch Rifftrax!

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Here’s a couple of compilations.

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Would love to hear what happened at Golden Corral that lead to the constant Riffing.

(Besides the standard E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella included at no additional charge)

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I’ve been to a Golden Corral exactly once. We don’t have them where I live, so when I was out of town and discovered one nearby, I went specifically because of Rifftrax.

It was fine. It was not great, or even good, but it was not obviously dirty and I did not get food poisoning. It provided calories in exchange for currency.

Note to anyone planning a first trip to Golden Corral: I hope you like brown foods.