Golden Corral's new slogan ...

For those who RiffTrax, you already know. For those who don’t, this is probably my favorite recurring riff outside of MST3K.

I’ve been keeping a list for years, but I don’t own everything of theirs (whether or not my wife believes that is up for debate). There are a few new releases I haven’t watched yet, and there is also at least one I can’t decipher so I’m hoping someone can help with GCNS #2 from Son of Sinbad. [EDIT: Fixed! Thanks for @YettiChild for confirming this one.]

Without further ado:

A Talking Cat!?! - You deserve toe-free appetizers.
Alien Outlaw - Don’t kill anything you won’t eat.
Battle for the Lost Planet - You know what? You guys are never making it alive anyhow.
Beast of the Yellow Night - Eat, my boy.
Beast of the Yellow Night - Eat. (Golden Corral’s even newer slogan)
Dark Future - What is this place? Just shut up.
Fever Lake - What I’m about to do isn’t legal, and I don’t want any witnesses.
Fever Lake - And I’m telling you: it’s going to blow. (Golden Corral’s newer slogan.)
Giant From the Unknown - This is bad place for you to be. Only evil can come to you here.
I Believe in Santa Claus - I can’t wait a few more hours. I’m hungry!
Jack Frost - [projectile barfing]
Live: Carnival of Souls - It was unsanitary, but delicious.
Live: Miami Connection - Give me some of that s__t.
McGruff’s Drug Alert - But some things can make you very sick, hurt your body, or sometimes even kill you.
Oblivion - There are some who find beauty in the most bleak surroundings.
Oblivion 2 - It was worth a try. (Golden Corral’s old slogan.)
Prisoners of the Lost Universe - Eat, d__n you.
R.O.T.O.R - Do you want to go to the iHop? Huh?
Radical Jack - To be honest with you, the less you know the better.
Rats: Night of Terror - Hey, food!
Retro Puppet Master - Come on…a few coins. Ease your conscience. I can use the money, and I’m sure it will make you feel so much better.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Go on. Don’t you know food when you see it?
Son of Sinbad - Stop feeding your ugly faces and listen to me.
Son of Sinbad - If this doesn’t kill them, the smell will.
Star Games - Don’t swallow, just chew.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - The garbage will do.
Subspecies: The Awakening - Have you … tasted blood?
Suburban Sasquatch - I can’t tell what it is from here but you’ll have its head on a platter by nightfall.
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant - I’m hungry, imbecile.
The Sword and The Sorcerer - Bring us a bucket.
The Sword and The Sorcerer - Hungry indeed, but not for food.
To Catch A Yeti - Please don’t die, it’s really good for you. Please…eat it.
Uninvited - Here, pu__y … have some food.
Yor: The Hunter from the Future - Why did you come to this land of death?
You’re The Judge - I can’t even gloat. It all looks so awful.
Zindy the Swamp Boy - Don’t be afraid. What do you want?


I don’t know the answer to Sinbad but this is an amazing list, thank you!


I think this one may always be my favorite. Thanks for the list!


This might be my favorite list yet. I’ve often wondered how many times they’ve used this riff. :grin:

A close second would be the recurring jabs at various airlines; “At least it’s not Delta!”


For Son of Sinbad: Stop feeding your ugly faces and listen to me


That’s the one I can hear—there’s another at the 1:06:20 mark (or thereabouts) that I can’t quite make out. I’ve got “… doesn’t kill them, the smell will.” but for whatever reason I can’t decipher the first part of the line.


Okay, give me a sec and I’ll see if I can figure it out.


If this doesn’t kill them the smell will.

Confirmed by CC


Fantastic - thank you!


No problem, good excuse for me to watch it again.


Now I’m curious if I have any rifftrax you don’t. I’ll have to copy your list and see if I have any you don’t. Then I can check to see if there are any golden corral references in them. I know I’ve heard at least one in Matthew and Ian’s riffs. Are you including those?


I didn’t realize Matthew and Ian were using it, too—I don’t have them in the list, so if you find that one I’ll add it. I’ve got a backlog of new RT movies I haven’t watched so I’m sure I’m missing a few newer ones.


Has anyone else watched Samurai Cop? I swear I heard one in there, but I did go to the live show, so I may be thinking of that version. If no one has, I’ll watch it tonight. Probably watch it anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

EDIT Nevermind, just my fading memory. At least I got to watch it again. We all won.


You can never go wrong with Samurai Cop.

“I show up to work in a baseball cap and a Cher wig and you say NOTHING?”


Alright, just watched Plankton. Wow. Anyway, it had a reverse Golden Corral reference

Character: Everything is so fresh!

Mike: Golden Corral’s…rejected slogan.


I just wait for Golden Corral’s new slogan every time I watch Rifftrax!

Here’s a couple of compilations.

Would love to hear what happened at Golden Corral that lead to the constant Riffing.

(Besides the standard E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella included at no additional charge)

I’ve been to a Golden Corral exactly once. We don’t have them where I live, so when I was out of town and discovered one nearby, I went specifically because of Rifftrax.

It was fine. It was not great, or even good, but it was not obviously dirty and I did not get food poisoning. It provided calories in exchange for currency.

Note to anyone planning a first trip to Golden Corral: I hope you like brown foods.

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