Grand Finale: Cross-Country Caravan

So, I have decided that the most illogical and impractical choice of travel for the Grand Finale attendance is to drive. I am leaving Central Iowa either after work Thursday, or in the wee hours of the morning Friday. If I leave on Thursday, I will drive until I get too sleepy to drive safely, then sleep. If I leave Friday, I hope to drive straight through.

I thought I would post, just in case there was someone in my general proximity that wanted a ride, and/or was doing the same and wanted to caravan a bit. Some people have already said that I am a bit crazy to be driving 34ish hours over a long weekend. Those people would be correct. But, I can’t wait to be in a room full of wonderful MSTies again. We’ve all been through a whole heck over the past couple of years to get to this point. I can’t wait to celebrate this wonderful moment with all of you.



A drive like that is a HUGE undertaking! PLEASE make sure you stop and rest, don’t forget to eat and hydrate, and if you’re feeling tired, it’s time to call it for that night. Check in with us as you can!

You are far braver than I. When I was planning, I really did consider driving up from Tennessee…then I remembered my anxiety over potentially driving in snow and ice, when I know the weather could change at any given moment. (We’ve had winter and summer in the same week down here. I don’t trust it. LOL)

Be safe!!

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From Central Iowa? I’d drive with you, except it’s my daughter’s birthday this weekend and I should probably celebrate her, rather than my favorite TV show.


Thank you for your concern. :heart:

I have driven from Iowa to New Orleans, from Iowa to New York, and from Iowa to Virginia. Plenty of pit stops to keep the blood flowing, hydration, and alert driving for the win. I suppose living in a ‘fly-over’ state has made me a bit more drive centric in my travels. Hahaha The forecast does bode well for a trip (as-of-now), but we’ve had the same extremes on short notice here. So I won’t trust my luck until I check into my hotel.

My trip to New York was for a New Years Eve festivity all the way back in 1998-99. We had a terrible ice storm coming back, but made it there and home, safe-and-sound. I am pretty optimistic that this trip will be just as problem free. :smiley:

I will check in and let everyone know of my progress. Cheers!


That is definitely a good decision Majorjoe! Wish her a happy birthday from a MSTie on the road. Cheers!!


HI! We are also driving. From NE IL. We will be leaving Thursday after work (shooting for around 1800hrs) from the SW burbs of Chicago.

I think we will be a bit ahead of you…but plan on hitting Phoenixville around 0700hrs EST. We were thinking of hitting up Your Mom’s Place for some breakfast, which, depending on what time you hit the area…you are welcome to join us! Let me know! Also, where are you staying? We are staying at the Maystay Inn which is about a 2 minute walk from the theater. =)


Great to know that there will be another MSTie blazing the trail ahead of me. Regardless of what time I make it to Phoenixville it will be past breakfast. :slight_smile: Thank you for the offer to join, though. That is really kind.

I am staying at a Residence Inn a bit further from the venue (if I am reading the map correctly about 5 miles). I had some points to spend, and that was the closest when I booked. A little less convenient, but the price was right. :slight_smile:



Join us for dinner then!


A couple of big things at work had to go just right this week for me to break away for the trip. They did not go just right, and my cross-country journey to join everyone has been stripped from my grasping fingers. Hahaha. Thanks to all for your invitations for hospitality, suggestions, concern, and support. Have an incredible time, one and all!! I will be there in spirit. Cheers!