Group Rewatch Change-Up: The Crawling Eye!

I’m changing it up a little bit because so many of the ‘K-series’ episodes are repeated in other seasons, so I’m skipping ahead to the proper season one and starting with the first episode- ‘The Crawling Eye.’
I hope you all enjoy it and thanks for keeping this going with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve got to tell you I was a little offended (not really, obviously) by the dig at Julie Andrews. Lol I love her :purple_heart:

In this episode:

  • The entire KTMA season was erased from the MST3K canon timeline
  • The Satellite of Love from the outside now resembles a dog bone
  • Joel gets a new red jumpsuit
  • Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt moved to Deep 13
  • Crow, Servo, and GPC got better (Crow became a bit more recognizable, Servo turned red with a new hoverskirt, and GPC now looks less scary and purple), except for Cambot. Joel just gave him GPC’s old body looking more like he’s choking on a melon (sorry guys…)

Lol I was irrationally happy when Joel appeared in his red jumpsuit :joy:

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Joel also got a new last name. :smiley:

I really like this one. The movie is really not bad (in my opinion) and while the riffing is a little slow, it’s done well.

One of the most fun observations I made while watching this movie was the realization that Forrest Tucker’s scientist friend (the one with all the expensive things in the observatory) looks a lot like Dr. F. In fact, he almost could be Dr. F. And the same actor shows up again in Moon Zero Two, only as the bad guy.

I never skip this episode and it’s so fun that they watched it again at the very end of season 10.


I love this one. I can’t do it this evening because got to be awake and out the door at 0400 tomorrow, but I think it’s a great movie (well…pretty good, anyway!) and a good riff.

Look forward to chiming in and hearing others’ thoughts.

Some KTMA thoughts:

  • SST: Death Flight is my favorite of the bunch and I would love it if it was re-riffed!
  • The Legend of Dinosaurs features strong, consistent riffing. Quite an evolution from the sparse, hushed beginnings!
  • Speaking of K21, I would imagine this one was readily available for them to re-riff, but (I assume) they declined it for some reason. (My guesses: They had long reached their limit on the Sandy Frank Pain Parade and the movie is pretty rough and dank. That funky soundtrack is something else, though)

On to Experiment #101:

  • I watched this straight after K21 and one of my very first observations was: “You know you’ve watched a lot of KTMA when Servo seems unusually quiet in the theater!”
  • I found the movie to be rather compelling and decently made. MST was clearly given a poorly-transferred VHS copy of the film.

Overall, the first national episode is a lot of fun!

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Don’t forget the theme song being updated to the now-classic “Joel” version!


Mostly what does me in here is that Forest Tucker always talks like he took too big a bite of food at dinner but he’s too helpless to find a napkin and just spit it out.

That, and they wait too long to show the monster.

I find this movie competent compared to others we’ve seen, but completely uninteresting. I don’t care about any of these people at all.

The riffs are fine for this period of the show, though the fat jokes get tedious really fast.

Seems like a cheat to skip over the unique material in “Season 0.” But okay. If that’s what the public wants… :man_shrugging:t3:


Alright joining in! A little late since I do my MSTing before bed. I noticed a couple of things:

– At the beginning when they’re announcing the movie, Dr Erhardt holds up a VHS tape whereas in later shows they’d show a film reel

– The silhouette is a medium grey instead of black. I don’t know if that’s the reason, but I felt the silhouette illusion ​much more strongly than usual; I often felt like Crow was facing toward me instead of the movie.

– That purple and green door is something else, man

– Of the movie I remember almost nothing, even just the next day :grin:


I agree. I just watched it a couple of days ago, but in trying to describe it now, I think, ‘Wait. What happened again?’ Lol

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I actually like the film. Too bad the print is so bad. I liked Forrest Tucker in this (please don’t hit!) and Janet Munro. Decent plot and some decent riffing for this early on.


I agree.

So as not to steal momentum from Trio’s project, I may create an all-purpose Season “Zero” thread to see if anyone else wants to continue watching those with me. Superdome and The Last Chase are (at least to an old-timer like me) comedy gold… even without riffs.

I’m worried that Club MST3K’s days are rapidly dwindling away, though… and that’s the best place to find all of S-0 nicely sorted and laid out. What do you think, Sirs? :thinking:

I have the film in a decent print, and it scared the hell out of me as a kid. It’s one of the least painful, decent science fiction films riffed on MST3K, like THIS ISLAND EARTH. Almost Lovecraftian.

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With better special effects and a bigger budget it could’ve been a classic.

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Still, for what it was, it’s much better than any number of others, like TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, ROBOT MONSTER, etc. It’s like Quatermass or old Doctor Who episodes.

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I agree, there was a quality sci-fi movie aspect to this. Like The Phantom Planet (another favorite of mine), it’s actually thought provoking and entertaining.

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I like my share of low budget sci fi, as long as it tries! I own two thousand dvds, and among the Ed Wood there’s Robert Wise. I can suspend disbelief and be entertained by these old movies, more than any of the gazillion straight to streaming zombie movies that aren’t Romero or Raimi.

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Try “This is not a Test”. But don’t expect to walk away uplifted. It is well done though.

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