Group Rewatch- Episode K01: Invaders from the Deep!

Here’s the link to the first full episode of MST3K- Invaders from the Deep:

Rewatch it at your leisure then come back and post your comments, favorite riffs, fun facts, or anything else that popped into your MSTie-mind while rewatching.


I’ll go first- Joel’s hair :scream:


Oh, excellent! :smiley:

I’ll try to get to this later tonight!


Stingray used to love the show as a kid I’ll watch it tonight.


Ooo is this how we’re doing it? Okay I can totally keep up this way. I’ll watch tonight, as is my routine, and report back in the morning!


Is it me or does it sound like “he used the extra arts to make his robot friends”?


Awesome! Looking forward to it :sunglasses::+1:


I only saw this one once before, so it’s still very fresh to me, vast expanses of silence and all.

(They didn’t syndicate this show where I lived as a little one. Has anyone here already seen it as-is, rather than on MST?)

Right away, I feel like the design for Deep 13’s neighborhood must’ve been influenced by Stingray’s hometown. But I guess that’s obvious.

Me, as soon as they call for Marina:

“BUT… isn’t she busy with Alpha Flight?”

[sigh] Okay, okay I’ll go watch some more.


At 00:14:05 - OMG! I totally had that cute plush fish as a young 'un, but mine was blue-green instead of orange! :heart_eyes_cat:

Oh, wowwww… At 00:30:50 - The man-eating plant invention.

They’re trying to tell us something, but whaaaaat?!?!


Wait. Did I miss something?


The toothy plant photo you referenced in the other thread is a callback all the way to KTMA. Can’t thank you enough for sharing it. :+1:


Some scattershots:

  • So weird Trace wasn’t available for the first episode.
  • Riffing is really awkward in this. From Joel frequently cutting himself off mid-sentence to shushing Crow for being too talkative!
  • Movie starts off a lot fun, but becomes quite the repetitive slog.

Still, it’s where it all began! I’m glad I gave it a look.


Some thoughts all around the board:

-It’s a trip having the Mads featured in the theme song sequence but not in the episode. This goes on for some time, with the Mads not showing up until K07, Gamera Vs. Zigra.

-I never get used to Josh’s voice coming out of Crow. I have to wonder if Josh’s performance there helped to inform Trace’s vocal performance of Crow in this early run (that whole “yes, Joel Hodgson” thing where he sounds like the Robot from Lost in Space).

-It feels like the show is trying to be like one of those “toy with the movie every now and then” horror/movie host series with the riffs/outbursts being more periodic and sporadic at this point, rather than a series that’s more explicitly into the whole joke delivery system.

-It also feels like the riffing is more tentative, vocal-wise, as @ArtCrow pointed out. In some cases, Joel goes at the riffs with a low volume, almost as if he’s concerned about making too much noise and providing too much of a disruption.

-What surprises me as well is the rhythm/timing of Crow appearing every now and then for the theater sequences.

-Joel on this week’s feature: “Well, it’s almost like a couple of TV shows edited together; it’s not even like a real movie.” Heh, that’s something we MSTies will definitely get used to down the road!

-Crow during the movie: “Is it possible for a robot to be bored?” Hold that thought, Crow, you have no idea what sorts of terrible movies you’ll be getting yourself into. Just wait until The Castle of Fu Manchu!

-I count at least five “pull my finger” riffs. The show was toying with recurring jokes even back then!

-Crow: “Forced to watch their own movie, how horrible!”

-“It’s your mystery date!” We see a latter-day running gag get its start here.

-I love Joel’s genuine laughter when Crow chimes in with “I’d be tired if I had to carry a diving board around on my head.”

-When a movie character says “We got trouble, all right,” I half-expect Joel or Crow to say “Right here in River City”, as I’ve been so conditioned by later episodes of MST3K to expect something like that. Heh, we’re not quite at that point, I guess.

-Gypsy could have been called Growler for all the noises she makes here.

-It’s neat to see later-used Invention Exchange material show up here and be all, “Oh, I recognize that!”

-Favorite riff? Joel, watching a puppet put out a fire with his hand: "He’s made out of wood, too, you know how dangerous that is?

All in all, a fun ride, this! I watched this before, but since the KTMA episodes aren’t typically in my usual rotation, I’ve forgotten a lot of the different elements and details and such. In execution, this is a much different animal from the MST3K we’d see down the road, but still an entertaining time, for sure!


Choices were definitely made.


“It’s your mystery date!” We see a latter-day running gag get its start here.

Joel had already used that kidney stone of a game for girls as part of his stand-up act. (You can see it in the SNL performance somebody uploaded.) I remember seeing that when it first aired and physically wincing. No one who played Mystery Date has fond memories of it, unless they passionately love boredom. Of course, I promptly forgot who that weird guy trying to fit his whole head through the game’s front door was. It was at least a couple of years after I started watching MST3K that I grasped how the SNL weirdo and our host were the same guy. D’oh!!


Heh, that must have been wild to have had such a moment of realization, no?


Seeing the mini-documentary (“This Is MST3K”) on Comedy Central was the tip-off. (I was 17 when the SNL appearance happened, and I feel like I’m not the only adult who did everything in her power to black out every minute of her teen years later on. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. :smiley: )


Joel’s eating and drinking gives you the full cinema experience, people with misophonia must love this.
I like letting the “film” breathe a little but this goes too long.
It’s no where near the worst first episode I’ve seen.
It’s great seeing the seeds of what’s to come.


Oh, yeah, good call, I forgot to mention those noises in the theater!

That was all something interesting to see the show still very much in its experimental phase, throwing the proverbial pasta against the wall to see what sticks.


I must have both the worst hearing and the worst computer speakers of any fan.

I never hear anyone’s eating or drinking noises, or their loud breathing/nose whistling. Not even in the first “Speech” short where it becomes the subject of a riff or two.