Group Rewatch- Episode K02: Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars!


Ugh. This episode was BAD. I almost didn’t make it though :confounded:


I’m about to head out for most of the day, but I’ll look forward to getting back to this one!

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Were these uploaded to YouTube from my google drive? The naming is exactly the same :slight_smile:


In this episode…

  • Crow’s voice somehow got better
  • Beeper got “plastic” surgery and was renamed Tom Servo
  • GPC talks now

And I’m grateful about all these things.

It’s an intriguing premise, but it’s just taken so seriously that it’s arguably a tougher slog than the previous experiment. 2/3rds of this movie is pretty much watching countdowns, strategic maneuvering and psychological warfare. With marionettes.

It is great to see everyone present in the theater, but it still has those hushed tones, cut-offs and shushing.

I hope I’m not sounding too negative here, but honestly, these first couple shows aren’t the greatest (and really strange since they’re both Supermarionation), but they are fascinating from a historical perspective. They will get better from here.


It must say something about me that when @Trio-Ahead first suggested a group rewatch I simply assumed, immediately and without question, that she meant one episode every day.

At least this way we’ll have a topic for the next four years! :grin:

(Confession: I find the KTMAs so hard to watch, I may just join up when Season 1 starts)


Ah, Captain Scarlet. A supermarionation show created by the same guy behind Thunderbirds: Gerry Anderson. It’s too bad the movie didn’t capture its spirit from the TV show.

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I understand; though, as another poster pointed out, while they are difficult to watch, they are fascinating from an MST3K historical perspective.
Either way, we look forward to you joining us sometime.


You finished the thought well at “It’s too bad[.]”


Thoughts while watching…

The dry look is really popular among marionettes.

Was animating that countdown clock really better than just filming an actual clock? Why did they do that?

Are the “Place Commercial Here” title cards like the “Turn Down Lights” instruction, or something for actual commercials? Or both?

There’s a lot of received pronunciation in space.

Their misuse of the term “satellite” is irksome. Not as bad as the Gamera movie where they kept calling planets “stars” though.

I dig SID’s groovy techno robot voice.

GPC (Gypsum?) threw up. Oh god. It’s like a gator horking up a chicken it didn’t adequately crush before swallowing.


Whose 80s watch keeps beeping? Beep beep! I wonder if that’s a timer set for the movie or an alarm for lunch.

I like the reflections on the bots in the space scenes where the voice of the Mysterons is talking. It’d be cool to see them pick that up again.

Things I had to look up: Peter Max, saloon car

I know that was a lot but hey I have a lot of time to trim these responses into something more engaging for you. For now, like Crow, I have some laundry to do. G’night folks!


Jeez, just say “MysterIons”! It’s so much less awkward! :roll_eyes:

This story has a somewhat less bellicose, xenophobic message than “Stingray” did. I guess that’s good. But unfortunately it’s even less action-y and more of a parlor drama, too. Really not suited for faces which can’t change expression all that much.

Nowadays, riffers could have a field day with characters who are just named after colors. Start with Clue jokes, then work your way up to Simon game jokes, then some DC Lantern jokes. Endless possibilities.

Giggling at the attempts to make a robo-cornucopia and draw hand-turkeys during the host segments.


For those that have either seen this episode, or have (fond) memories of the source material, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-1968), Tom Scott recently took it upon himself to test the oddball premise of the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.