Grunts and Shouts in Sports

Strange topic? Certainly. Whether in Tennis, Curling, or elsewhere, the practice and existence of whimpers, groans, yells, or exclaimations is a curious one. Spontaneous? Calculated? A little of both? What’s the reason? Tradition? Letting off steam? Or is it much ado about nothing? What strikes you? Is it amusing or just a distraction?

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@whenfatkillsfat I’m reminded of The Taking of Pehlam One Two Three (1974).

More examples.

I don’t know about any of the other grunters, but I double dog dare anyone to laugh at Maria Sharapova’s grunting!

Perhaps since her retirement from professional sports she is not as vocal, but I suspect there is an animal force that cannot be removed from any of her endeavors.

She was peddling some chocolate of some kind, perhaps still is, so one should eat some of that.

The best grunter! And a very fine tennis player.

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@jimmy_two_times I’d never cross her. She isn’t one to tangle with. An all-in athlete across the board.

I love rock climbing, although I haven’t climbed since the pandemic started.

Adam Ondra is one of the world’s best at the sport, but I cannot stand to hear him climb.

Check out this vid at around the 12:20 mark to hear what I mean. Yes, the route is named Silence. :roll_eyes:

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Nolan Ryan.


I think it was Jimmy Connors who started in that in tennis. Kind of controversial at the time.

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@moviegique And Andre Agassi.

Monica Seles receives much of the credit.

Those two were in short pants when Connors started grunting on the court.

Heheh, I remember my dad bitching about it.

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Those two WERE the next generation right after him though. They did further it along.

I think it takes a lot of people working together to really drag things into the mud.

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Sure but it always starts somewhere!

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