Guess the hosts for each Season 13 episode!

I don’t think anyone has done this yet, so, while we know The Christmas Dragon will feature Joel, Jonah and Emily, I thought it’d be a fun discussion to guess who the hosts for the other episodes will be. We know Joel will be doing 2 episodes, so that leaves 5 episodes a piece for Jonah and Emily. Which episodes do you think each host will get? I’ll start!

Team Joel:
Gamera vs. Jiger
The Million Eyes of Sumuru

(It would feel wrong for Joel to not do the Gamera movie, and seeing as Sumuru was a KTMA episode, I’m curious if Joel remembers any of it from 30+ years ago.)

Team Jonah:
Santo in the Treasure of Dracula
Beyond Atlantis
The Bubble
The Batwoman

Team Emily:
Robot Wars
Doctor Mordred
Demon Squad
The Mask 3D
The Shape of Things to Come

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Uh… I’m pretty sure that Jonah’s gonna be the one hosting in the episode Gamera vs. Jiger.


@SuperCutie is spot on. that was confirmed in the BTS pics in one of the updates recently.