Gunpla and other model kits

Didn’t see any topic on this so I decided to give this it’s own topic.

Been doing a bit of research on those model kits and watched couple of beginner videos on that stuff. But then I stumbeled in to this vid of Adam Savage of Mythbusters building a Real Grade and well, I was sold. Now I am really hankering on getting my hands on one of the High Grades to get my hands wet on building (hopefully not from blood caused by impropper cutting techniques)!

Any of you fellow misties had any experience with this stuff, or any other model kits?

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I haven’t built gunpla but totally familiar with them. They’re pretty much like other modeling kits and adjacent hobbies.

One kinda cool thing about kits like those is that they come in… for lack of a better term… grades of “difficulty”. Although it’s not like they’re difficult; think of it more on terms of time investment and how much additional work, if any, will be asked of you.

With some, you just snap off the sprue and stick pegs into holes for everything to fit together; all of the plastics are already colored so there’s no time needed to clean up/prime/paint. For others, you’ll want something to clip things off sprues, some sort of blade or deburring tool to smooth out mold lines, and thoughts on when and how you want to paint everything. You totally have options on how much work you feel like putting into a model and can always start with the easier kits and work up. Or go all-in on the deep end. Options are nice.

I got quite a few Gunpla and 30MM kits from Bandai.

I enjoy building them but I stick to High Grades and have always been a “straight builder” I use good nippers so I can try not to have nubs, I’ll panel line if I’m in the right mood, but not too concerned with doing more painting or top coating.

Trying not to buy more until I build the untouched ones in my backlog.

Sounds like building gunpla kits are kinda like playing video games: you always got the backlog somewhere!

Anyhow, last night I was looking for the Gunpla stores located in europe (around Fenno-Scandia spesifically) and found one! Apparently getting one basic kit and some tools costs around €50 so that’s not too bad of a price if you ask me, but if anyone has recommendations for good places to buy around here I’m all ears!

Not too sure if it would be of help but I know two Europe based YouTubers use Hobby Link Japan for getting stuff.

I need to keep that in mind in case I really get exited. I think Shipping from Japan tho is bit pricey.

Understandable. I have to pull a lot of models and toys from the states, and shipping costs are always a stumbling block.

I have a bunch of Volks CharaGumin model kits. They look beautiful when put together professionally, but I guess you could say that about any model……. But IMO they’re amazing.

Volks CharaGumin 1/6 SLAYERS Lina=Inverse ver.3 Assembled kit Figure

Gourry Gabriev Slayers unassembled kit CharaGumin Figure anime

Xellos Slayers unassembled kit CharaGumin Figure anime Volks


I’ll get round to building my Gundam gunpla at some point. I’m just lazy.

I’ve got a few old polystyrene kits (a couple of Polar Lights Aurora reissues, a couple of AMC Star Wars models) and I’m currently using Milliput to fill the seams. Has anybody found a better product? This stuff isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t go very far, and it gets a little bit…crumbly, I guess, while it’s setting up.

I was looking at this Sword Impulse Gundam and I am considering getting it and some tools to get into it, but it seems to be released in 2005, and I heard these older kits might be bit finikey for those just getting started. Anyone here having any opinion if this is a decent enough kit to get started with or are there’s some other kits I should consider starting with?

I only built one GSD that came from that time frame, and yhea not to much good to say compared to most more recent kits. The only review for that particular one I see after a quick search did not recommend it.
If you are hot for the Sword Impulse, looking at the Real Grade would be better, but likely pricier. If you are just looking for an HG Impulse the 2016 Force Impulse may fit you better.

Ah damn, thanks for the heads up. I decided to get one of those entry grades and see if that is kind of stuff that makes me want to do more and see if this hobby is for me before buying bunch of tools since well, those sanders and cutters add up quickly. Still, I’ll keep my eye out for that Force Impulse if the haro really bits me.

“Green stuff”. Kneadatite’s is common but lots of places make analogs that work exactly the same and just as well.

You can use it to fill gaps, fix imperfections, and create customizations. If you’re feeling spicy, you can sculpt something from scratch, beginning to end, just using green stuff. If you’re feeling even spicier, you can use it to -cough- -cough- molds and -cough- cast multiples of your models -cough-. Sets permanently. Can be sanded, primed, and painted.

It does take some getting used to. You only have a brief window when the epoxy is still easy to work with. Also, keep water handy – if you keep it, your hands, and any sculpting tool(s) wet then you get a little extra time and it is a little easier to get it to do what you want to do.

The entry grades are quite good for starting with. If you can get an entry Strike that may give you a better feel for starting out.

The entry grades are made for snap and build, but I would still recommend buying a cheap pair of nippers.

I got something like that but they’re bit bigger than the ones I’ve seen in videos. Are those fine or should I actually get some smaller ones? Or are this ones okay if I use hobby knife or something else to finish of the gate in case I want to be careful?

I guess it depends what they are built for and are the blades easy enough to navigate the sku.

But if you have a good hobby knife and depending on how concerned you are with gates, you should be fine for the first build or two before deciding if you personally want better tools.