Guy from Rattlers = Wingman from What To Do On A Date?

OK - the guy who is the friend / wingman in “What To Do On A Date” … the one who gets the clumsy guy to ask his girlfriend to the Auction date …

Is he the same guy as Dean Bitterman from “Being From Another Planet” and the guy from Rattlers? He has the same look, and same sort of voice and mannerisms. Anyone know?

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IMDB says Jeff (in Date) was Robert Casey. The only guy who seems to have been in Rattlers and Being was Sam Chew. So the answer I think is not one and the same. I think.


Hm - that’s interesting. Well, Mr. Casey was a dead ringer for being a young Sam Chew then. Go figure.


Types, amirite?

To me Doug Henderson (King Dinosaur, Invasion of the Saucer Men) looks a lot like slightly beefier Dick Miller (It Conquered The World, Gunslinger, The Undead). Heck, Henderson’s character name in KD is Dick, and for a moment I thought it was Miller and they had gotten super lazy.