Haiku chain game

Since y’all are prolific at writing MST3K haikus, how about we mix it up a little?

While the haiku has ancient rules and traditions, the familiar and essential rule is simply that the first line have 5 syllables, the second line have 7 syllables, and the third and final line have 5 syllables. (You ever notice that “syllables” is a funny word to say and spell?) Here’s the neat thing: the requirements for the first and last lines are the same! Therefore, quite deliberately, the format allows you to take the last line of a haiku and use it as the first line of a new haiku.

Let’s give it a try! Take the last line of the haiku in the most recent post and write a new haiku using that as the first line. It’s just that simple!

You can write about any topic allowed by forum rules, so you’re not restricted to only MST3K-related material. You can completely ignore the context of the previous poem. You can also alter capitalization and punctuation. Clever use of homonyms can be fun from time to time, too. You just have to use the same words and spellings.

Five syllables here
And seven syllables here
What can you write now?

What, can you write now?
I’d thought you’d forgotten how.
It has been so long.

It has been so long,
Since I saw my wife pre-flight,
I’m the rocket man

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I’m the rocket man,
that’s what I am. Here to do
whatever I can.

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Whatever I can
That is what I will do now
What more can I say?

I’ll hike up my pants some more
Feel all snugabug

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Feel all snugabug
Just like a bug in a rug
What do you think sirs?

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What do you think? Sirs,
I can assure you that I’ve
never thought at all

Never thought at all
That, one day, I would be a
Raisin snail addict.

hopped up on snail, ran me down
why. why don’t they look?

Why? Why don’t they look?
Don’t they have training before
Going off the rails?

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Going off the rails?
Take Big Stupid with you and
watch out for Elam.


Watch out for Elam
Also edam and Elon
I’ll watch out for snakes


I’ll watch out for snakes
When the gypsy moons collide.
Tom is a baboon.

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he’s also a big balloon
try not to pop him

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Try not to pop him.
He’s irreplaceable and
I just cleaned the rug.