Hampton needs validation through appreciation thread

This thread is for Hampton. For appreciation and stuff.



Disappointed to find out this thread wasn’t started by Hampton himself…


Well, as far as WE know.


What frustrates me a little is that a few other casts haven’t joined the forums yet.


I appreciate the crap out of Hampton, even though he is NOT my real father! He was the cast member to whom I’d had the least prior exposure before The Return, but he won me over right away.


You’ve backed me into a corner and I admit it. I’m actually Baron and I started this thread to throw you off. Didn’t work.


I love his “I’m going to fight everyone and everything” rambunctiousness as Crow. He’s a power station of lively energy, and it serves the character very well.

One instance that jumps to mind is the piece of fan art they shared on Wizards of the Lost Kingdom I, and Hampton’s Crow got all wiry about the artist putting them all into mind prisons.

Also, his puking/gargling/gurgling noises are amazing. And you gotta love those moments when he can make the others laugh (such as his “YEAH, BABY, YEAH!!!” moment in Santo in the Treasure of Dracula).

If we’re talking about stuff AROUND the show, then Hampton demonstrates terrific comedic skills and instincts that leave you thinking, “Oh, God, where is he going with this and what is he going to say next?” Such was the case when he took part in the Jackbox Showdown for the second Kickstarter campaign.


I call shenanigans- Hampton said his favorite episode was “I Accuse My Parents”

And yeah, I went and checked your profile just to be sure.


If Hampton needs validation then maybe he shouldn’t have wasted that last wish on becoming a real boy. At least he used the other two wishes wisely, specifically for the complete discography of ELO on vinyl and unlimited Atomic Fireball candies.

Seriously, he’s a great Crow, a chaotic man-child with a volatile mood but sweetness underneath. Way, way underneath. Also, his Loud German in the Jackbox competition was fantastic.


I enjoy the high, animated energy Hampton brings to Crow and has some of the best ability to create sound effects I’ve heard!


I was wondering when a Hampton appreciation thread would get fired up; Hampton is fantastic!

Hampton has impeccable delivery and timing and every single line is hysterical. Hampton and Kelsey both work so well with Crow in their own unique ways, and really bring this robot made of spare parts come to life. Hampton’s Crow in particular is really well-suited to the wrestling bit because they’re always ready to fight the world… I really hope we get to see more of Crow getting in everyone’s faces! I appreciate the variation in Crow personalities a heckuva lot, it really adds a great dimension to the character. Oh, and don’t get me started on the vomiting, I’ll just say it’s perfect.


When Season 11 came out, he was the one who I enjoyed the most. I now love all three of those guys, but he was an immediate hit for me.


He’s great. He’s my second favorite Hampton! I mean, unless he want to give me free parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast whenever I drop by.


Hampton had some big shoes (on tiny feet) to fill, but his rambunctious, childishly over-sugared take on Crow fit right in. Crow is a creature of chaos, and that’s what we’re getting.


We have a Hampton Court in London. That’s a nice palace.


Shared this with my peeps in Portland.


Sounds like a top-notch morning Hampton.


Hampton just became my favorite… omg… my favorite Crow? Gasp!

Seriously, I love Hampton’s manic energy (seems to be a common thing around the MST production folks, explaining the coffee… and the weed). At the beginning of the first Netflix season I didn’t quite see the Crow I knew, but I gave it time. Hampton’s crow really grew on me fast, and now I can’t imagine Crow without Hampton. As Jonah and Tom said, he is chaos… and that really seems to be the focus of Hampton’s Crow. I think someone on here said something about Hampton “invoking the trickster-god image”; whatever that means, it sounds spot-on. Hampton took on the character played by two of the sharpest wits in the history of the show, and he added his own hilarious slant and spin. That says a lot about the dude!

[Ok, when are we getting to Baron?]


It always amazed me that Hampton was a webcomic guy before he became Crow, that is how I knew of him, back when he did Rob and Elliot with his brother Clay.

Gives me hope I can work with MST3K one day because I do webcomics as well. I guess you can say Hampton is the goal.

I never thought anyone could fill Bill’s shoes, but Hampton: You cobbled your own and stomped the runway like a 90’s supermodel! I was thrilled to see his return in Season 13 with the “new-original” cast. Now I’m desperately disappointed each time a new episode is released sans Hampton’s Crow. I’ve been fast-forwarding with fingers-crossed, in hopes he resurfaces soon on the SOL…