Happy 20th, Shout!

This might not seem related to MST3K but they’re the owners so I’m posting it here! :smiling_imp:

With that, this year marks the 20th anniversary of our favorite boutique enterprise Shout! Factory and to commemorate the achievement, they’re dropping the “Factory” part from their name and synergizing their production division to become Shout! Studios. Here’s a crash course on how they got this far:


Meh. Corporate nonsense.


Don’t you worry about blank, let me worry about blank.



To me Shout’s greatest achievement (right up there with making the MST3K revival possible) was their masterful production of the WKRP in Cincinnati complete series set. As with Freaks and Geeks, they managed to re-license about 90% of the original music and save the character of the show. (Fox’s terrible attempt at a season 1 set replaced or deleted nearly all the music in this music-centric show.)

Now I wish they would do the same for The Odd Couple, which had a surprising amount of licensed music in season 2 and onward, and whose DVD sets are butchered as a result.


I imagine the name change has to do with them leaning more toward becoming an independent film distributor. The “factory” portion of their name fit best when they were a quirky DVD label, but now their film division is picking up steam. This year I got to see both Linoleum and What’s Love Got to Do with It? in theaters, both of which were solid and charming little films. And with MST helping shepherd their TV division, it seems they’re planning on expansion.


Oh boy, are you ever right about that. The Odd Couple set is terrible.
Quite a few of the stories and jokes involved music and as you say, it’s been butchered.

Fox example, in the final episode, Felix gets re-married while the roof is leaking and afterward, Oscar dances around singing “Singin’ in the Rain”. It’s not there.

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I’m guessing the DVDs of Murphy Brown are awful. So much Motown in that show. Every single episode opened with a different Motown song.