Happy Birthday, J. Elvis Weinstein!

Happy birthday to original MST3K cast member J. Elvis Weinstein! Saw a lot of actors and MSTies congratulating him on Twitter and thought I’d send along my regards.

I’ve grown to appreciate Dr. Erhardt and his Servo even more over the years, especially considering he was a TEENAGER when he first started on the show! It was also nice to see how the character evolved in his Netflix-era cameo.

He’s already been credited as a writer on the “Court Case” short — I’m excited to see what else he has in store for the rest of Season 13!

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Happy birthday Elvis! :tada::fireworks::birthday:


Severely underrated talent in the MSTory books. You don’t get to the latter-day interpretations of Servo without J. Elvis Weinstein setting the foundational work for his successors to follow.

I dig his dry and wry in-theater delivery, and in the sketches, Weinstein really got inside the character’s head. [gestures to the blender sketch, among others]

And of course, his work on Cinematic Titanic gives us an idea of how his in-theater work would have evolved had he stuck with the show.

I said elsewhere in the thread for The Day Time Ended, but the highlight of Season 12 for me was the return of Weinstein to the role of Dr. Erhardt. (While we’re on the subject, I loved his interplay as Dr. Erhardt with Trace’s Dr. Forrester in the Season 1 eps.)

Happiest of birthdays, J. Elvis Weinstein, and thanks for everything!


I was a long-time defender of Josh, I thought his Servo was hilarious (yeah, Larry had that irritating voice, but I liked his rapport with Dr. F, so I give him a pass there).

I’m glad CT gave fans a chance to reassess his talent and appreciate him.

Happy birthday J. Elvis.


This forums wasn’t around this time last year, I think. So, it’ll be next year when J.‘E’.W. birthday wisher thread makers will have to endure the annual mergination.

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Happy Birthday Josh, if you’re listening.


Happy birthday, Josh.


Happy birthday, Jay El-Vis. Like a lot of other people, I appreciate him a lot more now than I used to, when he was just “that weird voice in the odd early ones”. Especially after seeing him in CT, I can appreciate his humor and performance more, and I’m glad he was able to return to the show.

I hope he’s still less mad. I’ve suffered from mad sciencing myself, and it’s something you’re never free from. Every day’s a struggle to not let out an evil cackle, reach for the switch, and show those fools who the true genius is!

Ahem. Yeah, so, cakes and stuff.