Happy Holidays To One And All!

Just a thread to wish everyone an all inclusive happy holidays to one and all! Feel free to post your favorite holiday (Whichever you celebrate. Or don’t.) related photos, greetings, and wishes here. Happy holidays and best wishes to all my fellow MSTies! Since I don’t celebrate any particular holiday myself, here’s a picture of my nieces pony standing in a field wishing it were warmer.


And a happy something back at you.

So, we can’t say Merry Christmas anymore? (I can’t keep up with this world and the ever-changing rules and regulations, but I see that’s popped up a few times in riffs, and Joel said something about that in a show… eh, I’m still going to celebrate the birth of Craig)

:gift: Anyhoo, I live alone, have no tree, no nothing like that. But I love Christmas (and Thanksgiving) if only to spend time with my family. There’s not many of us left, but I look forward to seeing those who remain, and to remember those who have passed.

And this year I have the day off! No running off to work afterwards.

I finished up my wrapping this morn for the handful of presents I’m giving, and I’m looking forward to our traditional Chinese dinner on Christmas eve - we did this long before that movie came out (started sometime in the late 60s). In those days, there were only a few folks in the restaurant, now, they are packed… so it caught on with a lot more folks over the decades.

I wish you all happiness and joy this season.



Here’s wishing that y’all have a Patrick Swayze Christmas, that Pitch doesn’t play hell with your holidays, that your festivities are never prune-y, and that this time of year makes you happier than someone getting a burlap bag full of burlap.


My tree (with some brand-spankin’-new ornaments) and I wish you all a Patrick Swayze Christmas (and Yule and Hanukkah and Kwanza and New Year’s and the rest)!


Personally I just like the idea of a few months each year where even a cynical, misanthropic, airhole, son of a birch like me can find a few minutes to tip my hat to all my fellows and wish them well. I make it a habit of returning the seasons greetings offered by others in kind regardless of my or any other individuals views. In other words, Merry Christmas to you also. :grin:


Merry Christmas, @Diogenes, the mist in that picture is so cool, hoping you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season !

merry christmas GIF by Michaels Stores


Merry Secular Christmas! The best kind of Christmas, but I would think that, as it’s the kind I celebrate. And a Wholly Happy Holiday/Pagan Solstice Ritual Of Your Preferred Kind as well to all.


Festival GIF by hero0fwar


My gifts to my cats this year have reached new heights of perfection by default. I knew being called Emily would work in my favor one day!



As a fellow grump and cynic… thanks.


Oh, and to clarify one thing I wrote… I’m so out of the loop these days, don’t watch the news, don’t keep up with things very much, so when MST did that war on Christmas riff, for example, I had no clue what it meant, “there’s a war on Christmas, go figure” :wink:

MST3K’s the only thing that keeps me in the know, anymore.


Merry Christmas to all! I love Christmas. I love family time. I love winter. I love a time when we are supposed to be nicer to each other. We should be nice to each other year round, but at least this is a time when we make a point of it. In honor of this time of year that I just love, here are two songs I also love. One silly and one poignant. You can watch either or both or neither as you prefer. :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas Eve everyone (and for those who don’t celebrate, happy holidays)!

I got my Servo in a Santa hat.


Have a mashed-up Christmas with this classic DJ Schmolli joint:


Merry Christmas!

May Santa bring you lots of swag! :smiley:


I think I’ll just copy my Facebook post from earlier today. Enjoy!

We have made something of an observation this year.
2019 was the year we survived, 2020 was the year we holed up, 2021 was the year we held on, 2022 was the year we crawled out.
For us, it was a year of new jobs and starting to fix what needed to wait the last two years. It hasn’t been easy, and we know it hasn’t been easy for much of anyone else, either. But we feel we’ve come out of this a stronger family than we were before.
Just know that if you have been struggling this year, you aren’t alone.
And just know that this year…
…as every year…
I wish you all a very Patrick Swayze Christmas!


6am. Drinking coffee, ignoring the starving orphan cat, and waiting for the chilluns. Merry Yule stuffis, all.


Well, the dog hasn’t peed or pooed on the floor yet today (see the weather thread), so I got my Christmas present.

Edit: HE WENT OUTSIDE! Thank you, most holy Santa!


Food is getting prepped, presents have been opened, and it’s absolutely chucking it down out there. Joyous day to all, and to all a Swayze night!


My wife always hangs a stocking up for the dogs, but she never puts anything in it. What’s the point of the stocking? I don’t really get Christmas (raised Jewish), so none of it makes much sense to me.