Hardwood floors in the movie theater?

OK, first off, I love the Gizmoplex, and as many people were saying in the premiere chat, this is what we thought the Internet would be in the 90s…kitschy and fun and kind of VR-like. (Beats what Zuckerberg is planning with Meta!)

However, maybe I just haven’t been to today’s high-end movie theaters (haven’t gone since covid) but the hardwood flooring in the virtual theater is a bit odd to me, also, it’s a light color and so distracts a bit if you want to keep the seats and curtains open while watching.

To me a real movie theater has dark, sticky carpet with leftover popcorn and all sorts of crap stuck to it. :smiley:

Or, since we are on the moon, some sort of nod to sci-fi here.

Also, I’d like to see more seats in the rows, to match more what’s onscreen.

These are minor nitpicks. Good job with this, it’s amazing!


Just think of it as cheap hardwood patterned carpet. :smiley:


Actually, though I understand and don’t argue that most people probably think of theatre floors as you describe, there are Theatres being built with a faux hardwood floor nowadays.

Often they are smaller auditoriums with the reclining chairs, but they are out there. :slight_smile:


Wow, what kind of fancy theaters do you all go to? Every theater I’ve ever been in, including ones built in the last few years with the pleather recliners, has weirdly lumpy and slanty gray concrete that turns to flypaper almost instantly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe what they are going for in the screening theater it is similar to a home movie theater where someone would have hardwood floors. The 10 seats match the planned limit of number of friends/viewers will be able to watch an episode in the screening room together.

That’s just my thoughts based on what has been announced about the screening bunkers.