Has anyone brought a "non-MSTIE" to the show?

Just bought tickets for a show in January and will be bringing my boyfriend. He has only seen a little bit of the TV show so this will kinda be like walking into an unknown universe to him. Just wondering if anyone else has brought someone to this (or other) MST3K shows that wasn’t already a fan and how they liked it? I’m hoping he will get some good laughs.


I went to two shows on the last tour. one in orlando and one in tampa. took two pals to the tampa show and one mostly quitely sniggered at & enjoyed No Retreat No Surrender. The other friend had started a new medication recently and started nodding off and then fell asleep really early on. The same friend also fell asleep at his first Rifftax Live (Hobgoblins) but was violently pushed awake during Amityville 4 and went obto have a great time.
Any chance to do something different with friends or loved ones is good. Even if it doesnt become a thing for them they will at least have a better appreciation for your fandom.
Have a great time :facepunch::beers:

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Brought my roommate (who has been MSTie-adjacent since college but is not, herself, a MSTie) to the 2019 show. She had fun.


not an MST show, but a pal who enjoyed comedy did tag along when I went to a Rifftrax show. He had no clue what this was, so I gave him some background on MST and what Rifftrax was about.

He had a good time, I was happy to hear him laugh (you don’t want someone to sit there stone faced with arms crossed) so he was into it.

But what made me laugh at the end was him going on about what a bad movie that was, how could fans stand to sit through those all the time? We saw “Jack the Giant Killer”, and I said, “Man, you have no idea, that’s actually a good movie, that’s Citizen Kane compared to what we fans have sat through”

That cracked me up as much as the show, poor guy, I should show him Manos or Beast of Yucca Flats, he thought Jack was bad, he obviously doesn’t know what “bad” is


good point, never hurts to try something new and give someone close to you a better understanding of something you love!


I’ve invited co-workers to the live incarnations of both MST3K and Rifftrax. So far, they’ve all been successes.

None of them were into riffing before seeing the shows, but they kinda-sorta peripherally “knew” what MST/RT were about. It might account for the high success rate.


I took my sister-in-law. She’s seen the show before but isn’t a MSTie like we are. We just went to the New Haven show and had fun!


Brought my 14-year-old daughter to 30th Anniversary Tour. She was familiar with the show because of me watching it, but never sat down and watched an entire episode. I don’t think I had ever seen her laugh harder. Which warmed my cold dead heart.



When I was a teen my whole family came along with me to the MST3K: The Movie premiere in Minneapolis and my dad took me to ConventioCon 2 and saw live riffing. None of them was a MSTie and yet everyone laughed their heads off.


My wife joined me for the No Retreat No Surrender show. She likes the show (tolerates my obsession), but she’s not a MSTie… There was some stuff she couldn’t fully appreciate. That didn’t stop her from having a REALLY good time though. She told me as much. I think her enjoying the live show has bought me “babble” points when I’m screaming in excitement over the Gizmoplex, too. Win win.


My dad hasn’t seen MST3K for so many years. But the good news is that next month on the 18th, we’re gonna have a great time. And I’m sure that he’ll be a MSTie once again.


Took my daughters twice, first time they were 6 and 8 … 3 years latter cannot watch anything on tv without them riffing it.


It really does ruin one for other shoes/movies!

Look at it this way - could it possibly be worse than taking an uninitiated person to a Rocky Horror show?

I have something in common with the next test subject.

Both our mothers hate the show and can’t understand why it’s still on. however, sadly with me, she’s also the only one I can get to go to these things. not so much this year though, as age is catching up. will have to find someone who actually enjoy’s the show to go with, or can at least pretend to like it.

well non-MSTies don’t get spanked with a paddle on stage so there’s that.


So I discovered that my Mom had started watching Red Zone Cuba and apparently loved it while in the hospital.

I can’t think of a worse starter MST but there you have it. I think I created a monster

Edit: I just realized that I posted in the wrong thread, my apologies