Has anyone got their VIP merchandise yet?

Wait, they were mailing it to people? I got mine at the show; guess they were more organized at the Warner Theatre or something?

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They were out of stock at some shows. Shipping delays, they said

Are you still waiting? I am . Almost 3 months since the show. Contacting them is worse than useless.

I got the pocket watch on February 20th. Still no sign of the t-shirt.

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Thanks,just wondering. I guess I will try another email. I have used other VIP services before and never had anything like this happen. In my case they have had my info for almost 5 months. amazing

The only VIP merch I received through the mail was my lanyard… like I’m happy to have it but come on!

Did you ever receive the shirt? Not me. Seriously this is the worst service. If you know anyone at MST3K or they are monitoring this feed they should be told how crappy their VIP provider is.


No, never got the shirt.

I sent Ivan a note.

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Nor I. And I think it’s only that and the 3-D glasses which I’m still owed. :confused:

Sounds like the peasants are revolting.

They are not talking about KS rewards. They are talking about VIP merch from the Bubble Tour. Did you attend as a VIP to one of the live shows and still waiting for merch? (or is it swaaaaaggg?)


I like to think of it as swaaaag.


Oh, sorry.

Can I still be grumpy that VIPs aren’t getting all their things, because if they aren’t getting all their things what hope is there for a mere plebeian such as myself? :cry:

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