Has Something Happened to make you say WWWWWOOOOO!!!

Got a couple of checks in the mail that I wasn’t expecting!
WWOOO Free Money!! :grin:


Yeah, I got a check a couple weeks back from the Treasury that said “Student Loan Refund.” It wasn’t much, but heck, they gave me money!


Our Collective Bargain was renegotiated a last year, including a retroactive pay increase, it was enough that last February got almost a full 2 week pay period extra on my paycheque.

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Congrats! I’m a regional shop steward for maintenance with the APWU and our contract negotiations with the USPS have been extended which means we’re due retro-pay once the contract is finalized :sunglasses:


I don’t say such things.


Well then, Best of luck for a solid renegotiation.


Her name was Jules and, yes, something happened that made me say WWWWWOOOOO!!!

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Oh my… :no_mouth:


I recently saw a Ric Flair promo.

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(been saying that for weeks now)

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When it comes down to promos, the Flair vs Lethal whoo-off is king.

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Ringheads podcast is finally doing the animated Hobbit, the version I grew up with…

Yesterday I found out my employee association won a case on my behalf after six years in arbitration, five years after I forgot all about it, and two years after I retired. The very definition of a moral victory, but my employer has to write me a (small) check and I get to preen a bit in righteous smugosity. (p*ss off, spell check – smugosity is totally a word.)


Hey I got one! My Dad is 79 and has advanced Alzheimer’s. Back in March after a fall we hired an in home care company to come to his house and help his wife with his daily care etc. It’s been great but it costs like $1000 / wk.

My Dad was always good with his money and in 2004 bought a long term care insurance policy, and we filed a claim in March to start getting refunded for the in home care.

SEVEN MONTHS of haggling with that insurance company later - we FINALLY - just on Monday day before yesterday - got the first payment check - $868 - in the mail! FINALLY!