Haunted Indiana, a locally-produced horror film that scared all the kids in Bloomington, Indiana in the 1980s

I’m just going to do a copy/paste from the Archive.org page because I wrote that too:

This movie scared the ever-loving crap out of pretty much every single kid who grew up in and around Bloomington, Indiana in the 1980s. If you bring it up at a party, everyone has something to say about it. The last segment alone gave me nightmares for about five years. Outside of Bloomington, it’s virtually unknown. Welcome to Haunted Indiana.

It was made by local notables brothers Michael (Director) and Stephen (Writer, Editor, Narrator) White in conjunction with the Indiana University Department of Folklore and local independent TV station WTTV 4 and was later shown in heavy rotation on the cable access channel. Even kids who didn’t have cable ended up seeing it as the cable access channel was based in the county library and the library had a TV viewing area with the cable access channel always running.

So, what is it? An anthology of local horror folk tales shot in various Southern Indiana locations on video tape with terrible effects and music blatantly ripped off from the soundtrack to Hitchcock’s Psycho.

This scared me SO MUCH:

Video here: Haunted Indiana : WTTV-4 / Michael and Stephen White : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Oh man! This looks amazing. The images give old Sammy Terry vibes. I am downloading it now.


My girlfriend was telling me about Stiffy Green in Terre Haute.


They have a Stiffy Green exhibit in the history museum.

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