Have not yet received invite email

Woot! I’m 14624 so mine should be any time now!

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My number is 18,555 and I just got my invite today! Excited to give it a whirl later!


I also found mine by searching “Gizmoplex” in my email.
I now have all the shiny Kingadom goodness!


I no idea where I am at in this process.

Received Receipt of payment: Acknowledged - no problem.
Received Random Updates: Cute - Marketing factoids

I cannot tell if ALL preview, early teasers are for KickStarter participants or if a backer can get his or her beak wet. BTW: If it is only for KickStarter participant’s, I get it and have no problem with that, at all. But the lack of clarity in the some of the statements are ponderous.

I have no Backer Number - No Idea how the “New App” (aka Gizmoplex) will translate to humble backer/users.

Building something from ground up is like building a plane while your flying.

Anxiously Waiting!

Has anybody NOT gotten their invite? If I don’t hear from anyone in a few days I’m going to mark this topic solved because everybody should have been sorted out for quite a while.

If not, email kickstarter@mst3k.com for help tracking down your invite. Then post here.


In a near panic state no email for season 13 access. got every other email but not that one of course is the most crucial email. I emailed support kickstarter@mst3k.com 4 hours ago no reply . mayday mayday somebody help!!

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Here are a couple of options:

Try logging in here with your Kickstarter info

More info here

I tried all that
the status for my reward say “pending” in backerkit everything else is there.
but thank you for the help

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kickstarter@mst3k.com is probably your best bet then. Somebody on Ivan’s team will get back to you soon, I’m sure.

Yeah I’m sure it’ll be okay I bet Ivan is swamped… I had worked in IT for 10 years a trial run would have been a good idea where someone get on a live stream last Friday and is like “okay can everybody see this” and find out who couldn’t.

Sent you a response via email – lmk if it doesn’t solve the problem?

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It worked!!! Thank you Ivan I hope you can get some sleep eventually…you rock!!

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