Have you ever gotten to meet anyone from MST3K?

Met the CT group at a show. I asked Joel a geeky riff question, that Frank actually knew the answer too. I was talking to Traces wife before the show without knowing it, she was at the table selling pictures and DVDs and such, I was trying to decide what to buy to have autographed when Trace walked up, so I got to talk with him too.

Nice people, one and all. (and a fantastic show)


Is Jonah that tall?


Yes! I had the pleasure of talking to Elliott Kalan on my podcast about the history of Marvel comics (from 1961 on) called Marvel by the Month. He is as hilarious as you would expect and, boy howdy, does he know his comics. I also met Baron Vaughn at a live show in Portland and got this photo! He was great and gracious and we got a few pics with him.


Awww, that’s so sweet!


I got to do stand up with Jonah when he was on tour in early 2020, it was super fun and he was super nice!


I sure did. Back on the “Watch Out for Snakes Tour” in Boston. (Only saw Eegah and not the other movie. :frowning:

This guy look familiar?


This was wizard world Chicago in August 2014.
Joel was doing “Riffing on myself” and it was a great way to start the weekend. My daughter is was very excited to Tom and his floppy arms in real life.

Since then, I met Jonah at MST3K live (The Brain) in Cincinnati, and I got to be his audience cheerleader. I did a somersault in the aisle for extra points, but Joel’s team still won.
If anyone has any pictures from that night, I would love to see them.


I met Joel and the rest of the cast at the live show and they were all incredibly nice.

They say never meet your heroes, but Joel definitely was just as laid back and kind as you’d hope. As was everyone.


I got to meet Joel, Trace and Frank at a Cinematic Titanic show in Ann Arbor. They were all good enough to sign my Mitchell Mitchell! DVD. All were cool.


Does this answer your question?
(Also met Joel and Mike’s crews plus the Netflix Era plus Felicia and Patton
Robot Luv2 copy


Met Jonah at GalaxyCon in late November 2019. I was NOT expecting him to be so tall; I’m scraping 6ft, so it’s startling to have to look up at someone, LOL! Super ebullient and fun…and got very deer-in-the-headlights when I asked about Netflix S3! :laughing: Lots of hemming and handwaving.

Finished up with a great conversation about the Boston Marathon, then took a pic (that is my current Lock Screen), waved at Felicia Day, then got out of the next people’s way. Was a lot of fun!

(And as for wishlist, I think Nate and Rebecca would be at the top of my current list! :grin:)


RiffTrax MST3K Reunion Show VIP Party

The Choppers with The Mads in Minneapolis

30th Anniversary Show in Minneapolis (The Brain)

A few from the 372 Pages live shows (also in Minneapolis)


Yes. I’m 6ft tall and I had to look up a little to meet his eyes. I was slightly startled! :joy:


Here are the autographs I got. Kevin Murphy riffed my ACEG! What an honor!



I’ve been really fortunate. Two of my favorite pics is one with the season 11 crew at the premiere party (Tom, Crow, Grant, Jonah, and Russ) and one with Joel at the same party. I’ve also met Bill, Felicia, Beez and Mark Hamill (when he came on set to shoot his Carnival Magic stuff). Still are quite a few more I’d like to meet.


I’ve never technically met a cast member, but after the first live show (in San Francisco) I passed Jonah on the street. He was talking on the phone, and I knew it was him because a) it looked like him and b) he was, like, eight feet tall.

Probably not literally eight feet but he is very, very tall.


The first I got to meet everyone was at 2008 San Diego Comic Con. Joel, Trace, Frank, Mike, Kevin, Bill, Bridget and Mary Jo. The Cinematic Titanic team got used to seeing me at their lives shows (I made it to a total of 21 riffs). I met Jonah, Baron and Hampton at the Chicago premiere of 1101 (along with Beez and Paul Chaplin and Rebecca very briefly). I still need to meet Felicia and Patton.


I’ve heard Jonah is either 6ft and 6 or 7 inches tall. (Edit - He’s 6’ 5”)

I understand the reference, I’m 5 ft 11 inches, my dad is 6 ft 3 inches and I have to look up to talk to him


I’m sad I can’t get to a live show for the new crew, but I met most of the original cast at Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax Live. Everyone was amazing and easy to talk to. I want to write it up properly someday.


I REALLY want to get a pic with any of the crews. Got to see the last Live tour like 3 weeks before COVID shot everything to hell but didn’t get to meet the cast.