Head-Canon Default Bot Voices

Ok. Say you’re reading MST3K: The novelization. The novel starts:

“Hey there, Crow,” said Tom Servo.
“Hey there, Tom,” said Crow.

Whose voice did you just cast in your head for the bots?

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:slight_smile: Probably whichever set I heard most recently.

The real puzzler, if this is the Earth v. Soup or The Spy Who Hugged Me novelization: with Joel resting up at home who would step in to voice Sweet Marie or Holly Affirmations?! :thinking:

Merv Griffin?

A bold choice, but I feel like we have enough living talent to make contacting the spirit world unnecessary.

Nothing… until I know who the host is, then the voices will come.


Ha! Good answer. But for me it would be Kevin and Trace.


Default for me is Kevin and Trace


Tom Selleck and Tom Selleck.

Maybe that is the books-on-tape version of the novelization I’m imagining.

For some reason it is David Spade and Chris Farley and they are out of breath. I CAN’T EXPLAIN THIS!

Kevin and Trace are my defaults.


Generally, Kevin and Trace, but I’ve just started watching season 8 and so if I answered this in a few weeks, it would probably change to Kevin and Bill.

But no offense to the reboot puppeteers, they just aren’t the voices I think of.


Kevin and Trace!

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Kevin and Bill, though Hampton is quickly catching up for me personally.

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Kevin Murphy will forever be Servo in my mind. But the other ones are a bit more fluid.


Tom servo and crow. I watch too many subtitles…

Oh, Kevin and Trace_Bill (can’t decide between the two!). Definitely OG, though.

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