Help!!! Can't update my shipping info!

Whenever I log in to BackerKit it says I need to update my shipping info to include my country. When I click on Edit it shows that my country (United States) has already been chosen but is grayed out. I get nothing when I click on country but a circle with a slash through it. Because of this I haven’t received any of my physical rewards yet. I keep clicking on Need Help? and sending them a message about it but it’s been a couple of weeks now and I haven’t gotten a reply. HOW DO I FIX THIS!?


Please email and they’ll get you taken care of.


Also be aware that other than the holiday card, none of the physical rewards have shipped to anyone yet. Right now it looks like May-ish for when things will ship. You haven’t missed anything or had your rewards lost in the mail. :slight_smile:


are they asking for shipping info and/or shipping payment yet?


There have been delays thanks to supply chain issues. So far nothing has been sent regarding shipping info. The latest date when items might start to ship is May.

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Thanks, Michael! The Msties fixed it for me. And I’m glad I haven’t missed out on anything. Thanks everyone for helpful answers!