help changing CC info before shipping charges run?

Long story short, hubby and I both backed and we’re (fingers crossed) about to buy a house…so we can’t use our credit cards or bank will have a kanipshin and call the whole thing off. We both need to change CCs to other cards and want to make sure to do it right. Help!


You might want to tag the, I’m sure, criminally overworked and underpaid @Ivan for help with this…


Based on the wording of the last couple perk updates, before orders ship the KS perk gods should be reaching out to “collect” shipping costs - that will probably give you the chance to pick a different credit card.

ETA: But yeah, @Pearls_Mint also did the smart thing to help Ivan get eyes on this.


Usually this kind of thing is done by updating your backerkit survey. Let me find the link.

Check this help page. It has information on how to review and update your survey. I believe your credit card info is in there too.

If all else fails, email


Thanks all - I was trying to avoid bugging @ivan with hopes someone else had to do this. When I get home later I’ll update backer kits but will probably send a note to Ivan to 100% confirm the old cards won’t be charged.

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