Help circulating the codes?

So I had all of the #kickstarter-s13 Rifftrax rewards already except the one short. The fine folks at Rifftrax suggest that if you have the reward you pass on the code on to someone else. Please DM me if you would my Rifftrax Rewards (except, alas, the short). I’ll edit this post when they aren’t available anymore. [Ed: they are gone, but please continue to use this thread folks!]

Maybe we could just leave this topic up, and folks could post here if they have codes they have been urged to regift?


I have codes to share for the Short and Feature, so please DM me if you want either of these:

Short: Goldilocks and the Three Bears | RiffTrax

Feature: Gammera the Invincible | RiffTrax


Anyone who has codes feel free to DM me or reply here, I don’t know what’s still going/maybe someone else has some extra if these are already taken :hugs:

Great idea!

Is there a complete list of what the Rifftrax reward episodes are somewhere? I would be happy to regift some codes for things I’ve already seen/bought. I tried searching but didn’t find a list.

The available products are here—one prechosen for each category:

Everything listed in my post above is still available–DM me if you would like any of those codes.




You’ve got a cake by your name. Happy birthday!


Thank you!

If anyone wants a code for the Rifftrax Live Giant Spider Invasion: MSTcLrttsL5GSI


I would say yes, but my wife’s arachnophobia would smother me in my sleep if I got that hahaha

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I still have my code for the Rifftrax Live: GSI reward. I pledged to that KS and already have it, even on Blu ray. That’s how much I like it, and I’d be happy for someone else to enjoy it, too. Just DM me.

Also, if you have it but in SD, this code should allow you to upgrade to HD. I did that with the Rifftrax: Manos reward during the #BringBackMST3K KS.